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brain injury

August 7th, 2008, 09:55 PM
hi everyone my name is rob and i have 2 yorkie pups 1 being a year old the other 3. A week ago i got up for work and my one year old(magnum) had vomitted a number of surprise happens all the time. Went to work and when i came home the 3 year old (macho)greeted me but not magnum.. very strange.. anyway found him lying in bloody diarhea on the floor in the basement dead... when i picked him up his head raised from nerve response but his heart and respiration had stopped.. i drove to the vets giving him cpr on the way.. his heart was beating and he was warm again when i got him there.. they again performed cpr and stablized him... after a few days he was taken to family vet where he went from comatose to semi and eventually able to move and be fed through syringe... now i have him home and he has terrible shakes like a dog drying himself off and he cries non stop and struggles to move continuously until he falls asleep... which is for an hour or two at best.. i got him some valium in an effort to allow him to relax but there has been little improvement.. we have only had him home two days and are contemplating bringing him back to allow them to evaluate his crying and howling and snorting and shaking and the other issues at hand.. we love him very much and really are just wondering if anyone has had experiences with dogs with head injury ( oxygen deprivation) as we are now encountering and whether anyone has any insight or suggestions as the what we can do to move along his recovery or make him more comfortable while he recovers or is this just a long shot that we will ever have our dog back near his former self thanks so much for your time we anxiously await any responses..

Rob and Bevin

August 7th, 2008, 10:12 PM
I'm so sorry you're going through this, Rob and Bevin. :grouphug:

I don't have any direct experience with oxygen deprivation, but I do know that recovery can be very slow and long.

What kind of a prognosis did your vet give? If the symptoms he's currently showing are new, I would definitely take him back to the vet for a reevaluation.

Best of luck with Magnum. :goodvibes: You're all in our prayers tonight!

August 7th, 2008, 10:43 PM
I only have experience with human brain injury but when my son's father was coming out of his coma, he was very agitated, like your dog. He too was given a Valium-type drug to calm down the tremors and the shaking. Eventually he stabilized. I was told that this agitation is normal. Although it is terrible to watch, in human and canine alike, you may need to wait a bit for the agitation to settle out. I would still see the vet though.

You also need to check out and post on the forums there. There a few people with oxygen-deprived, brain-damaged pets.