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Early Crate Training Question!

August 6th, 2008, 10:55 AM
I posted here earlier with "New Pup Need Help Badly". I've decided to go with the crate training. He's approx 7 weeks or so, he's named Jersey. Watched the video posted on this site seems good. ->

But here's my question:
How often should we try this method in the run of a day? In other words how many times do we have to go through the routine of getting him in the crate, letting him cry then wait till he calms down and take him out again. I was also thinking of leaving the door open when he's not in it to see if eventually he'll go in on his own.

Now we've decided to set a schedule to start trying to get him to eliminate outside. Between when my wife gets home from work in the night and when I get up for work in the morning he would only be in his crate for 5 1/2 hrs so we thought that we should only have to get up in the night once. Approx 2hrs after he's in there.
We of course also we'll be taking him out regulary throughout the day and evening time before bed.
Thanks to all the helpful pet lover's who have been helping us we apprecaite it.