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breed recommendation pls

July 12th, 2004, 11:05 PM
I am wondering what kind of dog should I get.
I prefer one under 20 lbs, groomable dog, bark less, trainable and friendly.
Is Miniature Schnauzer a good one ?
Any recommendations ?

Lucky Rescue
July 12th, 2004, 11:17 PM
HI! First of all, no dog is "barkless" but there are breeds who tend to bark less than others.

Mini Schnauzers are NOT one of those! :p They tend to bark a great deal.

One I can think of off hand is the Boston Terrier. Neat clean house dog, not barky (usually) smart, friendly and easy to train. Grooming is minimal, and exercise needs are not great. Nicknamed the "American Gentleman". Oh, and cute as button too!!

Can you tell us what your lifestyle is like (jogger, hiker, take-it-easy??)

Do you have other pets? Own your home or rent? What would you like to do with the dog? Compete, sports, or just a companion to walk around the neighbourhood!:)

July 12th, 2004, 11:41 PM
Honestly, my best advice to you would be to go and check your local shelter.

July 13th, 2004, 02:52 PM
yes, I like Boston Terrier, it's sooooooooo cute. :D However, I am just graduate from a grooming school and wanna to be a groomer. That's why I want to get a groomable dog so I can use him as a exam dog when I get my Master Certified Groomer.
I live in a house now but planning to move to apartment within 2 years, so a dog under 20 lbs will be better. I am not a excise person but can walk dog daily during summer. ( I live in Toronto, I am sure I cannot walk the dog during the freezing winter )
I am taking care of my friend's Pomeranian now and he will go back home with the next month. And I will get one when he leave. There is no other pet in the house. In the future, I may have a baby. So, a dog good with baby will be better.
I wanna to have a bark less dog cas I am living with my brother and he work night shift. He sleep during the day. And I work during the day.
I love terrier group, but after I go through the AKC book, I cannot find one who bark less and is under 20 lbs. :confused:

Lucky Rescue
July 13th, 2004, 03:09 PM
Small dogs with long hair are often barkers,especially in apartments where they hear people coming and going all day and most terriers bark a LOT. There are no dogs who don't bark, so if your brother needs to sleep during the day, maybe you should hold off on getting a dog for now.

If you really want one, it might be best to do as LavenderRott suggested, and go visit the shelter and find a quiet and older dog that you like.

July 13th, 2004, 03:27 PM
Have you considered getting an older cat instead of a dog? They do well living totally indoors and no barking. They'd probably like sleeping WITH your brother during the day.

July 14th, 2004, 04:50 PM
Basenjis are called the barkless dog eventhough that is not true they don't have a real bark it is more like a yodel. They are about 20-25 pounds but they don't require grooming. Most small dogs that require grooming are barkers. But I live in Toronto and I take my dog for 2 walks a day rain, snow whatever the weather. Sometimes the length varies but there is always 2 walks everyday. Dogs need the fresh air and exercise. Buy your small dog a coat and just don't go for long walks.

Lucky Rescue
July 14th, 2004, 05:02 PM
Dogs need the fresh air and exercise. Buy your small dog a coat and just don't go for long walks

Right. Unless you have a very tiny dog that is litter trained, you'll have to take the dog out.
Here in Quebec, the temps often reach minus 30, with tons of snow. I got my dog a warm coat, and fantastic boots called Muttluks, made by a Toronto company!:)

MuttLuks (

July 15th, 2004, 03:46 PM
That's why I want to get a groomable dog so I can use him as a exam dog when I get my Master Certified Groomer.

I hope you aren't going to dump him after you get your Master Certified Groomer. Poodles are gerneraly an OK dog although they do bark quite a bit unless discoraged when they are very young. There are also Maltese, Shi tsu, and other small dogs like that. :)

July 28th, 2004, 11:39 PM
Can't reccomend a specific "breed." Please check your local shelter, get a mix breed or you may even find a purebred. If your heart is set on a purebred (which I am not sure why it would be) please check the rescue associations. Most purebreds have specific rescues out there. If you need help finding one, let me know. Good luck