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Vitrectomy Surgery for Macular Hole

August 3rd, 2008, 01:19 PM
I know this is off-topic, but as I have been researching, I keep getting references to pet eye disorders so I am posting here. My husband will be having a Vitrectomy most likely end of Sept./early Oct. and I am trying to find a supplier in Toronto - or Ontario - or at the least Canada, that will rent the chairs/bed types of equipment required for face-down recovery. The U.S. and Europe have equipment galore for rent. I did find a reference on a board for a Cdn. company - another woman was desperate for the same equipment - and a company was given. The stuff is not nearly the same, basically just foam products that you have to buy. So I decided to post here to see if anyone has been through this surgery or knows of it. Many diabetics have gone through it and I will be calling the Diabetes Association on Tuesday. I did call the CNIB, but the lady I spoke with had never heard of the condition - this was strange - so will try again Tues. I expect everyone is thinking the OBVIOUS - whe didn't my husband ask the Doctor? Because he is @@@. If I were the patient and didn't ask I would never hear the end of it. I have located a patient questionnaire with all questions he should have asked. We are now waiting for the surgeon's assistant to call with the date - and NO! she is not someone who would answer a question. I am not looking forward to this whole process - he will have to be face down - mostly from waist for 7 days - and he has not patience - although he thinks he is a saint. Very soft food etc. If he doesn't do this, he will lose site in his left eye - and already his lenses for his glasses cost $1,000. Thank heavens for thin lenses. I think I may have to board our American Eskimo as he will be jumping up and down on him trying to figure out what is wrong. He will be concerned about my husband, but Eskies generally worry that if something is wrong with Daddy or Mommy, how will it affect them! Now our Dachshunds put our health first - almost to the extreme - and they didn't have the claws and jaws of death. Back in the day, they would have kept my husband in the hospital for a few days, but now he will have to come home immediately after the procedure which will be done with a local. I just wish he would do some basic things to help himself, such as get a regular monitor at work to use with his small laptop; stop reading books with tiny print etc. I at about to turn 58 still have 20/20 vision and refuse to use his laptop or read his books - perhaps this has helped me, since everyone in my family wore glasses. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.