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Handicapped/Depressed Kitten

July 30th, 2008, 12:34 AM
Hello, I am new at this forum. The reason I am writing this is to see if someone can give me tips for helping my new little kitten. This is kind of a long story, but I will try to summarize it. A cat had four kittens around my neighborhood, and eventhough they stayed in my yard because I fed them, I could never touch them because they were afraid. Two of the kittens suffered an accident (got inside my car's motor) and got injured. One died, and the other lost a front leg, which was amputated. As she returned from the vet, I tried to see if she could make contact with the mother, but she rejected her. She is now depressed, besides of traumatized I think, and therefore is not moving her back legs. She stays all day laid and she is not pooping that much. She hears her family outside, and I can see that she gets frustrated.
My vet said that if her back legs didn't respond in 3-4 days, he would have to sleep her...
Is there someone who can help me to beat this problem??

July 30th, 2008, 07:47 AM
Is this kitty living indoors or outside? She should not be left outside during this recovery period after the amputation, so I hope she's in a warm, dry, confined area like a dog crate.

When you say she's not moving her back legs, do you mean she CAN'T or WON'T? Some animals will feel "off" after an amputation and may refuse to walk for a while. If she CAN'T walk, then you're dealing with a paralysis, which is a whole other issue. What and how much is she eating? Is she on any medication (pain, antibiotics?)

The not pooping part is concerning too. Is she using a litter box, or is she just soiling where she's laying? Does she have control over her ability to pee? IF there is paralysis of the lower end, then she may be suffering from incontence, in which case it is essential that you help her releive her bowel/bladder by expressing them...the vet should be able to show you how. If she's not able to go on her own, you're looking at urinary tract/bladder infection or bowel inflammation, neither of which will help her right now.

I know people who have seriously disabled kitties (CH, paralysis etc.) who are living happy lives with a little help from their dedicated people. You may want to seek some of them out at this site, which is a forum dedicated to people living with pets with disabilities:

Good luck with this little one!