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17yr old pooping blood!

July 25th, 2008, 01:29 PM
Hi everyone. I am new here and was told that this is a very informative place to come.

I am extremely worried about my 17 year old cat. I have a vet appointment booked for Tuesday evening (the earliest I could get in which is upsetting).

I will give you a little background information and maybe someone here could help me figure out what is going on with him before I get to my appointment.... Or, more so, I guess, just prepare me for what it could be....

We adopted him when he was 10. He was in the humane society and was not doing well there at all. We went in for a kitten (like most folks) and came out with a kitten and Jesse. He had nearly died twice from the 2 months he was there, as he did not take well after his owner surrendered him.

He has always had slight behavioural problems. From time-to-time would excrete both urine and stools outside his litterbox, but has always checked out perfectly at the vet.

In the past year it has increasingly become worse. To the point where he has even pee'd a couple of times on my hubby while he is sleeping. Still, he functioned perfectly in every other way, just these behaviours.

In the past month, however, he was rarely going in the litter and now he does not go in the litter at all. He has even jumped up on our kitchen table where clean clothes were gathered and pee'd there - even though the litter boxes are right next to the table and much easier to get to. We don't have a laundry room, it is in our kitchen... So, I decided with the clean clothes that were not to get put away right away, I would put them on a chair and move those aside - away from the table, as he would not be able to get to them. I was wrong, I found he was even making the effort to get on top of that chair, and the clothes, and pee on them. He'll even pee BESIDE his box.

We have tried moving the boxes around, to see if maybe it would help... We have removed the lid to see if that would make a difference - he would not even go inside that box (when he was using the litters).

Then last night, he did a regular thing where he squatted and went poo in our hallway, but no poo came out (really) just drops of mucousy blood.

His personality is unchanged and he still moves around without problems.

I was worried before, but now I am really worried and extremely upset. I know at his age, I have to prepare myself for the worst, but it is really hard as I am pregnant with my first and I don't know how I will handle this if he needs to be put down...

I know it is long, but I am trying to give as much info as I can.

Thank you

Also... He is hungry all the time - it seems like everytime he eats he is fine and then a half hour later he wants more. He looks skinnier, even though I am not sure if it is because he is so old it is just all in his "saggies" at the bottom.
He cries up and down our hallway - these really loud cat cries. He used to respond when we would call him to calm him, but now its like he doesn't hear us. I know he hears me up close, but not sure to what degree - maybe he is losing his hearing?
If he is still moving around and still has his personality to him, I shouldn't assume the worst, should I?
I'm so sorry, just really upset and frustrated that I made his vet booking two weeks ago and could only get Tuesday (which I know will be here soon) and then with the recent developments....

July 25th, 2008, 06:21 PM
Check your thread in the general forum, there are responses! ;)