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How to get my distressed cat to vet?

July 23rd, 2008, 01:06 PM
I have an 11 year old calico. She has always been a nervous cat. When she was younger, she would pant, drool, pee, shed fur and yowl in her carrier on the way to the vet, in the vet's office and on the way back. At her last yearly checkup, we repeated the above EXCEPT she seemed to hyperventilate on the way home. When I let her free, she hid under our bed and didn't come out for more than a day and as I checked on her throughout the day, she was either already panting or would start panting when she saw me.

I can't watch her go through that again. Her reactions seem to be worse every year with every visit.

I'd like to get her shots updated (she's an indoor cat---except when she comes out in the garden with me to watch me weeding) but the thought of taking her again scares me (and causes me to hyperventilate).

We live on a farm and the owner of the vet clinic comes to the farm to deal with the large animals. My hubby thought maybe that vet could at least come by the house to give her shots. But I'd like the "cat vet" (she's awesome!) to give her the yearly check up. As well, my cat has a limp for about five minutes after she gets up from her naps so I'd like to get that checked out too.

So, I guess I have three questions:
How do I get her to the vet?
What's going on with this limp?
Should I look into a cat vet that might do house calls?

Thanks in advance to everyone who responds!

July 23rd, 2008, 01:14 PM
Mine are all pretty good once they get into their carriers, heck, one actually walks in and lays down with no problems.

But, I have read that some people give their cats Rescue Remedy 15 or 20 minutes before placing their cat into the carrier. You can get that at most health food stores or vitamin stores. It works for humans as well as pets.

You can also try finding Feliway in the spray form. You can spray that into the carrier about 20 minutes before you take her to the vet too and it is supposed to help calm the cat down.

Is there any way you can make her carrier more appealing? Perhaps have it open and maybe puts some treats in there and let her hang out in there now and then to let her get comfortable with it.

As for the limp, maybe she just needs to get her circulation going after she's been laying on it:shrug: It's a good idea to let your vet have a look at her.

If you can get the cat vet you like to come out and see her that would be ideal. If not, maybe it would help to ask her if there is anything you can give her just to ease her trip.

July 23rd, 2008, 01:27 PM
While I do think it's important for cats to have yearly exams, and in your case your girl should probably get her leg checked out, I don't think you need to be vaccinating her anymore (and especially not yearly!). Most of the various veterinary associations have changed their protocols for vax to every 3 years. I would argue that at 11 yrs, she doesn't need them at all (except maybe rabies where required by law).

As for transporting her, have you tried covering the carrier with a towel? You could also use something like Rescue Remedy (Bach flower essences) or Feliway (pheromones) to help calm her, although there's no guarantee that they'll work. They may at least help her to recover faster once she's home.

I know how heartbreaking it is to see our kitties so stressed when we're only trying to help them. If it's possible for you to be calm and think calm thoughts (cat's pick up our fears and anxiety), that would be beneficial as well. Talk to her and tell her you're what you're doing and why.

Good luck!

July 23rd, 2008, 01:30 PM
Oops, I see ancientgirl beat me with the Feliway and Rescue Remedy suggestions! If you can find a vet that will do house calls, that's certainly an option worth looking into. They do tend to be a few more $$$$, but it would for sure be less stressful all around.

July 23rd, 2008, 01:39 PM
Yes, my alma mater came out with some research about over-vaccinating cats. Rabies is my number one worry with her need to find the odd stray mouse in our basement every winter. Heaven only knows what else she's hunted in our basement....(I'm a little worried too about her coming into contact with the odd barn cat that meanders up to our place!)

I have tried the towel but she didn't respond to that either.

I never thought about my stress adding to her stress. Makes sense...My hubby can usually get her into her carrier better without me there now that I think of it. But, unfortunately, it's still me making the trip while listening to her moans and yowls. (I cry when my kids are immunized so it shouldn't be a surprise that I cry when my cat is stressed like that....Maybe I need the

Thanks for your advice! This is a great forum!...Lots of food for thought! Why didn't I think of this earlier?

July 23rd, 2008, 03:16 PM
:offtopic::sorry: I didnt want to start another thread...

Sugarcatmom you made this statement?

I don't think you need to be vaccinating her anymore (and especially not yearly!). Most of the various veterinary associations have changed their protocols for vax to every 3 years. I would argue that at 11 yrs, she doesn't need them at all (except maybe rabies where required by law).[/I]

This is an area I really know little or nothing about! But my 2 are indoor cats that have never ever been outside. I have only always gone in once per yr and get their shots. However I only ask for the upper respiratory shot and thats it. I was told by someone when they were young that I did not need leukemia shots and whatever else they give them abd that I would only need the UR shot because its an airborne illness?? Until recently the rabies was not mandatory but now is. But you made me stop and think if I need to continue this as well since Tabitha and Bomber are both 12 yrs old?? and I dont want to hurt them health wise in anyway! So I went to my file to look up the shots and this is what my bill says each time

Annual FVRCP and Rabies

Do you know what FVRCP is? Do you think they dont need them when their older because it is retained in the body still after all that time? Is that what people speak about when they mention a TITER test?


July 23rd, 2008, 03:24 PM
Winston, none of my gang has been vaccinated with the Feline Leukemia vaccine. When they got their initial shots, my vet asked me if they would be strictly indoors, so she said it wasn't necessary. Then when I brought Czarina in and she tested negative, twice, she also said it was not necessary to give it to her. I don't know if that's what you are talking about. :shrug: