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dingo stole me baby- chabermlin case

July 10th, 2004, 06:08 PM
lol, well if you dont know i will give a breif overview of one of australias stupidest cases of murded and the blame on a poor little dingo, it has just come back up after some bloke says he has the babies body. and it was one of australias most famous cases ever, even as a child i had a strong opinion about it as it was everywhere for years, i was five when it happened and i still remember it like yesterday, it was a case that was discussed at every dinner table in australia, even the school yard and everyone had a opinion.
ok, it was 1980. lindy chamberlin, her husband michael, her 6yo son and her new born baby were out in central australia on a camping trip. one night the 6yo and baby were asleep in the tent while their parents had drinks outside with other campers. when lindy went to check the baby (hours later) she claims to have found blood and the baby missing, the boy saw it all but has never ever spoken about it (there were issues of abuse in this family also, added to her conviction). lindy said she saw a dingo running from camp with a small item, and she said it was her baby. they later found the cloths buried and covered in blood. never found the baby. well it was all a little suspect and lindy chamberlain was found guilty for the murder of little azaria. after 6 years in prision they let her out and she claimed to be a victim and the northern territory government paid her 1.3 million for compo.. and she has made plenty of money of her story since and is sitting quite pretty. her son does not speak with her anymore, and he has never spoken out about what he saw.
well in recent weeks the story has resurfaced with socalled new evidence.
ok there is one bloke who says he and four men were up north at the time of the babies death, they saw a dingo at a dam in a national park carrying a small body, they shot the dingo and took the body. this man is claiming he took the body home to victoria and buried it in his yard. now he has passed a lie detector test, but the other men are all dead so cannot corroborate it. it is claimed the reason they never took the body in was that they may have been doing something very illeagle, and most think it was booze smuggling, i n those days a cask of wine would get you $50 in the desert (many dry communities out there, no alchol allowed). he claims to have kept it for 24yrs for fear of prosecution because it is illeagle to fire a shot gun in a national park and that is where they killed the dingo also.
so they will dig up the yard and look for evidence, even the police doubt his claims, based on evidence they have, his description of the body was not right either. oh and he is talking to movie producers over big deals and money, i think his story is crap. lindy chamberliain is free today, and living a very comfortable life. the death of her baby has never been solved.
here is what i have always thought and the majority of aussies agree-
she killed the baby. really how does a dingo enter a closed tent, do up the door behind it and carry a baby away in its jaws without any one hearing, yeah right that child would have been screaming. they have only ever found scraps of her cloths and no body. i think she killed it and dumped the body and that is how the dingo got it. only the boy knows what happened that night and he has never ever spoken about it, even when it happened. they let her go cause they couldnt get the evidence to continue her life sentence. and note dingos are not know for their baby stealing, it has never happened again. most australians agree with this theory, it is logical, as opposed to her story. but now it is back, and will go on for years again, luckily for her she cannot go back to prision for this crime due to the laws.
so over the next few weeks it will all come back, and im sure all the jokes will to. such as the a saying 'baby stole me dingo' lol lol :D .
poor azaria, she was murdeder and no one will ever pay for it, her mother is living high and happy and sadly the age of the case goes against her memory as does the fame of it too as there is so many opinions around and every aussie over 25yo has one. will be interesting to see what happens now. so sad poor baby

July 10th, 2004, 06:19 PM
I remember that story. I can honestly say I have yet to form a good opinion on that one. i do alot of online studies on unsolved cases and that one still makes me wonder. If you know of any articles on it online let me know. I'd like to track the progress.

July 10th, 2004, 06:24 PM
So what if this guy is telling the truth though?

July 10th, 2004, 06:27 PM
I guess is he is telling the truth the story could still go both. Either this was a one time isolated event recorded that a dingo did take the baby. Or as what was already stated maybe the mother did committed murder and the dingo found the baby by chance.

July 10th, 2004, 06:35 PM
Which leaves one to wonder....

She was given a life sentence and was out in 6 years.

The state paid her $1.3 million in compansation for the time she spent in jail.

Several years ago now, a pomeranian killed an infant left lying on the bed. Never heard of anything like it before then or since then. Doesn't mean it didn't happen.

July 10th, 2004, 06:49 PM
A pom really ? Wow I don't remember that story, very interesting.

I suppose they can make a new version of the movie now...

The dingo stole my baby
no he didn't
yes he did
no he didn't
yes he did
no he didn't and we're at now
well gee maybe he did :p

July 10th, 2004, 07:02 PM
it is just such a classic here, such a part of our lives. well the aboriginal people lived in camps outside with the dingo for many thousand of years, and it has never happened in their oral history or in any other form and their kids were always with the dogs. dont get me wrong, dinogs have attacked like all dogs, and have killed people that way, but never opened the zip and came into my tent. although they are very clever with tents, on frasier island (the only pure dingo pop left) when camping you leave your tent open, as the dingos will tear through the side of the tent for food and even smelly soxs. i suppose this is one case that will never be solved
im no good at attachments so here is a link to one story, any australian new paper is featuring this on front page so there are so many articles out ther for you,5744,10041621%255E421,00.html
here is one from a more reputable paper 'the Australian'.
it will be really interesting to see what comes up, i doubt it will ever be solved though, only that little boy knows the truth and he will never talk, the trauma of it has probably affected his memory etc, that is if he has not blocked it out altogether as i would.
but it doesnt mater what happens, most of us think she is guilty, true or not we made up our minds along time ago.

July 10th, 2004, 07:25 PM
but it doesnt mater what happens, most of us think she is guilty, true or not we made up our minds along time ago.

Well that's just sad and pitiful.

July 10th, 2004, 07:35 PM
If the mother isn't guilty, can you imagine the anguish she's been through? Makes me think of the little girl that was a child beauty contestant that was killed. The parents were crucified in the media. Just the other night, there was a program that presented a lot of evidence brought out by a retired, highly experienced criminalogist that seems to indicate maybe they didn't. :confused:

July 10th, 2004, 07:46 PM
Well, when I used to go camping, the tent flaps did, indeed, zip down the center. BUT, those two panels that have the mesh in the front are open at the bottom.

I have no idea if she is innocent or guilty. And quite frankly, I don't care. But if she got $1.3 million from the government, I am guessing there must have been some pretty compeling evidence that she was innocent, or that someone didn't play fair to get her convicted.

July 11th, 2004, 03:51 PM
I saw the movie on LMN! And I do remember she kept saying a dingo stole me baby.
I know how sometimes they change the story in movies but from the evidence presented in the movie she was innocent.

July 11th, 2004, 05:57 PM
well that is the thing, her story changed so many times, her evidence was contradictory and very confusing, no 2 stories matched, and it just didnt seem plausable.

i got this from the police forensic website,
Probably one of the most famous or infamous cases in which blood stains played a key role was that of Azaria Chamberlain. The nature of "blood" stains in the Chamberlain's car was one of the crucial pieces of evidence initially used to convict then later clear the Chamberlains of murder.

it all points to one thing for many of us, but maybe it was just a case of really really bad luck on her part.
and the producers of that movie, well as we all know it is never the true reconstruction, and they also knew of the claims of this man about the body but choose not to include it.
but sadly we will never really know what happened, only that boy and i suspect his mother will ever be the only ones who know the truth, and i doubt they will ever share.

Quote from above "but it doesnt mater what happens, most of us think she is guilty, true or not we made up our minds along time ago".
with the reply of "Well that's just sad and pitiful".
well possibly your right, i dont deny that and i actually dont care much either, but it is what the evidence has led us to believe, it is not a very convincing story anyways and we made up our minds 20 yrs ago, it is hard to change a mind when one has in the past seen much evidence to point to guilt.. and we will never know the truth, that is just life.

and i must say, lindy doesnt seem to have suffered much (but that is only what the public see, i dont know her life personally), i mean she is very very rich (riches coming form this case, not only compo but her appearances), has done many magazines and papers, chat shows and stuff, and all of her appearances in public show her to be just fine, and she doesnt seem very upset, even at the time of the trial, but again that is just what they the media show us, but what else is there?? it is one of those things, it comes down to personal opinion as this is one case that will never be solved.
i would love to know what the people at the local dingo sanctuary think, but they may be a bit biased.
oh well.............

July 12th, 2004, 02:16 AM
You have made up your mind, based on what YOU percieve to be truth.

and i must say, lindy doesnt seem to have suffered much (but that is only what the public see, i dont know her life personally), i mean she is very very rich (riches coming form this case, not only compo but her appearances), has done many magazines and papers, chat shows and stuff, and all of her appearances in public show her to be just fine, and she doesnt seem very upset, even at the time of the trial, but again that is just what they the media show us, but what else is there??

People that say things like this just throw me for a loop. First of all, everyone grieves differently. No tears, tears, too many all the armchair detectives minds we could all be found guilty. Of whatever.

You say she is "very very rich". Melanie, I think you should actually look into the one time monies that are paid for these articles, talk show appearances etc before you accuse a woman of getting "rich" off the death of her child.

I don't know if she is guilty or not. I don't know the facts of the case. Neither do you. But she is hanged in your mind, she is guilty guilty guilty.

Yet again I will quote you, and yet again be dismayed by humans such as yourself. ""but it doesnt mater what happens, most of us think she is guilty, true or not we made up our minds along time ago".

Yes, it's sad and pitiful.

Look and read, and understand, your signature Melanie. Was it just something that sounded nice at the time??

July 12th, 2004, 03:44 AM
Didn't anyone see the movie??? She was played by Meryl Streep.
Those of you that are judging her without walking in her shoes.......well, maybe watch the movie. You may (or may not) alter your views/opinions on this matter. Apparently it is/was entirely possible for a dingo to manage to "steal" the infant from a tent.Innocent until proven guilty is all. I mean, imagine if a freak accident actually happened to your family (God Forbid) .....imagine the anguish, the torture,you'd feel. You wouldn't even be able to grieve normally ..........not with people,neighbours,media, etc,etc all judging you,deciding your fate and basically crucifying you without REAL proof. I cant ever imagine losing my child under ANY,, mind you, if she is guilty, then YES, she should have the book thrown at her. But, what is she isn't? They way the movie was portrayed, it would actually have been impossible for her to kill her child that way. They were camping and had friends with them, she wasn't alone except when checking on the child if I remember correctly. There would not have been the time to kill the infant and dispose of (how morbid) When they were all sitting by the campfire......the mother jumped and thought she heard the baby or???? Anyway, I just wouldnt be too quick to judge in this case.
And Melanie, were here honestly jokes about htis case? I have a great sense of humor......but not when it comes to such a tragedy. I always think what if it were my child.

July 12th, 2004, 10:14 AM
I don't think anyone should absolutely trust in what is presented by the media or the film industry that is capitalizing on the tragedy. I'm sure we all can relate instances when an acquaintance was misquoted or an event was portrayed in a context totally foreign to the actual facts. Everyone expresses their grief differently. Just attend a few funerals where the families are from different cultural backgrounds and you'll witness perfect examples of this. I imagine a mother accused of murdering her own child would develop a pretty thick skin in order to even survive. Con-artists are incredibly successful because they are so adept in simulating the emotions people expect.

July 13th, 2004, 12:35 AM
True enough are correct.
At the same time, how awful to go through such a thing, and then be judged by everyone around you.....if you are in fact innocent.
I try not to judge people without all the facts. Not that it doesnt ever happen, but this is the way I try to live.
Maybe because I'm a mother and can't imagine suffering through such an ordeal. Maybe we'll never know the truth.

July 17th, 2004, 05:59 PM
trescanis, well i have read your other posts, and you seem to be a bit aggro, so let me say, get over it matey, life is too short to be running around being a bit of a tool just chill out and enjoy life. and if you dont like what i write, dont bother reading it.
any way went to the fount of wisdom on such topics- my mother of course-
to see about the blood etc. well it turns out she was convicted due to the blood stains found in her car and on her scizzors in her possession, the blood matched the babies, she had excuses of course. anyway she was done for it but, several years later an investigation found that the police had incorrectly submitted the evidence (blood stuff) and that is why she got off, a technicality, not for being innocent. just thought i would share my new info, now i really think she did it, although there is a theory going round that the eldest brother did it, but i dont agree with that one.

July 17th, 2004, 06:02 PM
sorry shae, missed a line in your post. yeah there are heaps of jokes about this topic, it is very common joke subject here. yes it is a tradgedy, but it is not the baby being joked about, it is the case, the stories and the unbelievableness of it. sorry should have explained better