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My dog won't eat =(

July 14th, 2008, 09:55 AM
Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here...and I have a question!

Firstly I know for a fact my dog isn't sick, we've taken her tot he vet multiple times and the vet agrees with us, my dog is a picky pants..

I have a 6 month old Miniature Poodle named Juno, who is very active and verrrry intelligent, initially I was feeding her Orijen and then decided to move to a raw diet, which she loved at the tender age of 4 months, until now.

Now she won't eat a think, no raw meat, no cooked meat, absolutely NO KIBBLE and she has lost her taste for vegetables. I'm positive this is an incidence of "picky dog" because she prowls around us at dinner time (but does not beg) and stares at us when we eat. She turns up her nose at her own food (but has been known to pick at it when we aren't around).

I also feed her twice a day, at 12pm and at 7pm, I do not leave the food out.

Also, we have never ever once fed her from the table.

So I guess what i'm saying is, should I worry if she only eats half a meal a day? Will she come around if we are persistent enough and only offer her one thing day after day? The reason this has become such a problem is because my mother always gives in and prepares her something different. But now I've has a serious talk with my mother and she agreed not to feed Juno anything otherwise her own food at the specific times.

So I guess I'm looking for support, It's hard to watch my little puppy starve herself and I feed bad, It's hard not to go find something else she would eat, but I'll try to resist, just as much as she is resisting her own

July 14th, 2008, 10:01 AM
If it's just a matter of fussy tastes, when she's only offered her food (not the special meals your mom's been giving her), she should begin to eat again.

How is her weight? Is she maintaining it? If she's losing weight then I'd be worried at the loss of appetite and continue to look for a medical cause.

July 14th, 2008, 01:08 PM
Poodles are smart. She has already figured out you have an unlimited supply of new and/or exciting foods at the tender age of 6 mths. If you do not want a problem child for the next 15 yrs or so, you have to be firm now. Poodles and many other small dogs are also known in general as picky eaters--and this is why, people give in to the cute little dog, and they are smart enough to quickly figure out how to play the game!

As long as she is not having any medical issue, she can skip meals and even days with nothing but water safely. Once you have determined what you want to feed her, do NOT let anyone give in and slip her anything else. She will eat--she really will, but right now it is a battle of wills. Dogs, even little ones, can go several days in protest to try and get what they want. As long as she is hydrated, even if she loses a little weight she will gain it back once she decides you really mean it.:)

July 14th, 2008, 06:12 PM
I fostered a min poodle a few months back and she would only eat food out of my hand and I had to cut it up in TINY little pieces. at first it was cute and she was in such bad shape when I first got her I just wanted to baby her and take care of her...boy she sure caught on quick to that one! :D

A dog's number one priority is food. They will not starve themselves. They may go a day or two trying to 'prove a point', but they eventually will eat.

does she take her treats ok? Good thing about sticking with no people food too.

I would agree with the other posters and watch her weight and waste schedule and if it gets worse get back to the vet.

I know you said you've been there but did they run tests? blood, fecal, etc? I love it when these vets take just a physical look at your dog and say everything is fine. Dogs are so resilent, often by the time they are showing physical symptoms it may be too late.

I hope she is just being a DIVA, so just keep a close eye and take it from there. You are the boss, remember that!! It's easy to forget with the little doggies!