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Hello to Yettiyodamarlo

July 12th, 2008, 12:11 PM
Hi. You said when replying to 'I am a new member on this forum' (i posted that thread) that you were a new member on this forum, and that you were getting a new puppy too. Do you have any tips, like what are you doing for your puppy, are you using a crate or a bed. let me know


July 15th, 2008, 08:02 PM
Oh, yes, I think I remember you saying you were getting a puppy soon as well?

Well we're actually thinking of outdoor training it right away since a few of us are home constantly during the summer anyways. And what that entails is just taking the pup out every half hour-- not for a busy work person, LOL

If you're crate training, though, a great tip is to buy the absorbant pet pads if you've ever seen those... pet stores have them and some dollars stores do as well. This just makes sure you don't have to mop pee of the floor that leaked through the newspapers :P

If you're buying a collar, test it in the store first if it's a buckle. Make sure it opens easily.

If you have any cool facts you'd like to share with me as well, that'd be great!

And good luck with your's :) :dog::dog:

July 15th, 2008, 08:03 PM
oh, whoops! I forgot to reply to the bed question.

I bought a really fluffy fleecey cat bed for it LOL for while it's still a puppy. I wish they made those in my size, LOL... so soft :)

A box or something of the like with blankets or pillows works great too.:pawprint:

July 16th, 2008, 09:50 AM
We are thinking about having it in a kennel outdoors at night and indoors during the day, letting it inside about 6 in the morning and taking it out when we go to bed. I was thinking about 'how do i train my dog to stay in my garden' and another member, jessi76 said 'training isn't always fully reliable. Have it in a fenced yard/garden or have it on a long lead.' I did know some dogs that were tained to stay in their garden no matter what cat or frisbee came flying past. I just wish i knew how When/if we get one (hopefully soon) :) we will put inside the kennel a very comfortable, soft and squishy quilt for maximum comfort. I just love[I] the sound of that fluffly fleecy cat bed. Id curl up an go to sleep in it myself! :rolleyes::D

I like the idea of putting the dog on an [I]ultra long lead on letting it run around for ages but i still think it is better to let the dog run free. Jan Fennell (a very well known brittish dog trainer) takes her dogs everywhere without leads (unless the law says she must) and she calls her dogs back to her any minute and they come, just like that! Cos' she had established herself as the leader of them, so they obey her. I love that!!:)
I think, instead of fencing in or training your dog garden boundreys, i will just make sure that, like her my dogs have the best recall training in the world, or, well, in my area anyway :laughing:

I am planning on getting a springer spaniel, unless another wonderful breed pops up in mind. What type of dog might you be getting? When or if you get it, i'd love to see some pictures! i'll do the same, though it may be as long as a few months or even a year, but my sister is looking around for breeders too. :pawprint::dog:

I have two goldfish called plain and fancy, and plain literally eats fancy and pushes him/her into the stones at the bottom of the tank. I hope my hopfully very near future dog wont be that mean!:offtopic:

good luck with your dog.