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Computer chip IDs long lost dog

July 8th, 2004, 10:26 AM
Computer chip IDs long lost dog
Thursday, July 8, 2004 Posted: 8:03 AM EDT (1203 GMT)

Thomas Gaide gives a hug to his newly found dog, the original Chevy.

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BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Thomas Gaide thought the caller was barking up the wrong tree.

An animal shelter in California couldn't possibly have his dog, Chevy.

Chevy was right in front of him, 650 miles away at his Boise home.

But when the man insisted and mentioned a computer chip in the dog's neck, Gaide realized that after seven years, Chevy's predecessor had finally been found.

The older dog disappeared from Gaide's Hayward, California, backyard in 1996.

Calls were made to the pound, hours were spent searching the neighborhood and countless flyers were posted to no avail.

It was six years before Gaide could bring himself to buy another black lab, and name it Chevy.

Gaide and the younger dog moved to Boise last year.

The call about the original Chevy came about three weeks ago, Gaide said, after shelter officials tracked him down through his wife, who still lives in California.

Now the older Chevy is living happily with Gaide's other three dogs, including Chevy the younger.

"The first day or two he was like, 'What's up with the new guy?' but now he acts like he remembers me, responds to me and the bond is still there," Gaide said.


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July 8th, 2004, 11:38 AM
How fantastic!!!! I wonder how he was found and where he's been all this time? Some of you may think it's odd "replacing" a dog with the same breed and name but it isn't. You can never ever "replace" a dog. Each has their own individual personality and will develop their own nicknames. I know this because Den-Den is #4! He is the #1 now however. Because all have been the same breed and color, it eases the sadness because some things are the same. The personality differences have been all the more striking! The owner just has to understand each is entitled to be individual.

#1 - Was stolen at 1 year of age in Georgia in 1968. I know the pain when someone posts a lost dog! I still grieve and wonder what kind of life he had. (toy)

#2 - Bought in S. Carolina at 4mos. Lived to be 13. He had to be PTS because of an inoperable tumor (malignant). I'll alway love my vet for coming to my home after work to do it while I held him in my arms. His name was actually "Den-Den Too", in honor of my 1st Den-Den. (toy)

#3 - Actually "Den-Den Le Troisme" (forgotten how to spell it). I got fancy because he was the first AKC registered one. I never sent the papers in to complete the registration because the fine print said a number couldn't be part of the name. Didn't matter as he was neutered at 7 months and didn't plan to show him. Lived to be 18 - died in my arms of old age (he had medication the last year for congestive heart failure and arthritis). (toy)

#4 - my baby now. 6 years old, neutered at 7 months (miniature) and YES! He is microchipped! (Didn't mean to highjack this thread!)