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July 4th, 2008, 10:00 PM not normal! I mean this dog is seriously not your average pooch! He is diablo's dog! LOL Some of you know, Ronan his an ingrained fear of fireworks. He used to be bothered by thunder as well but has thankfully gotten over that. Fireworks is a whole other story though. Its odd though because his phobia isnt consistant. Sometimes fireworks will be going on across the pond behind my house and he is fine and then the next time there are fireworks he freaks out and busts out of the kennel or crate. If he is with me he is fine. I put him through a desensitization process and I can walk him through an are of fireworks being lit off all around and he isn't happy but he will tolerate it. But now if I'm not with him and he has a freak out it's a whole other story!!!! So far he has busted out of the kennel 4-5 times (and each time we have reinforced the kennel) and out of the crate twice.

Last night it happened again but HOW he got out this time left me stunned! The stregth that this little dog has is just baffling!!!! I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw how he did it!

We have two of these latches on the kennel gate, one in the middle and one halfway between the middle and the bottom. Both latches have a quick release carabeener you have to take off in order to open the latch.

Ronan actually managed to grab the part of the latch that goes around the gate and PULL THE METAL OPEN!!! So rather than being a nice round "c" shape that goes around the bar it was now an "L" shape with the one side all bent. But he didnt bend it totally straight and there was still the latch in the middle keeping the gate shut. None the less Ronan was still able to grab the bottom of the gate and pull so hard it twisted it so it pivoted at the middle latch (while still remianing intact at the hinges) enough that it actually slipped past the middle latch and what was left of the bottom latch and opened the door to slip out!!!!!

Thankfully my dad had heard the commotion and alerted me. When I went to the door to go outside Ronan was standing on the deck stress panting. Poor innocent OC was standing in the kennel confused as to why Ronan was out and he wasnt. The gate? it was just resting against what was left of the latches which he could have easily nuzzled open with his nose.

*Sigh* Just when I think I've finally gotten ahead of this dog, he finds a way to remind me he still has trics up his sleeve! what next??? He shows me that dogs actually can tunnel through concrete???? Hmmm, maybe I shouldnt be giving him any ideas.....

Oh ya as for the latches, my dad is now looking at the latches they use for the bull pens at his work. Yup, we're using a latch used to keep in full grown Beef and Dairy bulls, to keep in my 50Lbs dog....

But who could stay mad at this face?? Awwww

ETA: today the fireworks were still on the go (they have been since Thursday already!) so I guess the boys will be sleeping inside with me tonight LOL Can't wait for this Holiday to be over.....

July 4th, 2008, 10:06 PM
Wow what a strong know next time you can send him to me.Jag will keep him busy.

Can't stay mad at that face.

July 5th, 2008, 01:52 AM
Poor Ronan he musta been just terrified :sad: I'm glad he didn't injure himself on the escape, though you may want your vet having a close look @ & possibly xray his teeth to make sure he didn't fracture a couple

I'll bet OC was going "do mine" :dog:

My :rip: Sibe Nisku could open crate latches like this one has ( by putting her teeth into the top loop & pulling up, but that was the extent of her houdini routine. :D

July 5th, 2008, 09:00 AM
Poor guy. :sad: My little puppymill rescue almost dies of fear every time a thunderstorm or firework goes off. I keep giving her rescue remedy (Bach flowers) and that seems to take off the edge a bit. ;)