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Bringing Beaux To Jeonju, South Korea

July 4th, 2008, 03:41 PM
Hello to All! So glad to see another poster who is living in South Korea with about 4 dogs. I am getting ready to travel to work and live in South Korea. I have a "almost" 10 year old Labrabdor named Beaux who I would like to bring with me. He is scheduled soon for his shots, nails trimmed, you know...the works. I have read all of the information for bringing an animal to South Korea; however, what I can't find out is how many people in Jeonju, Korea actually have large dogs. I believe, from everything that I have read that Jeonju is a more rural area, so I am hoping that there will be many parks and areas to walk Beaux. I am also very concerned about animals being quarantined for basically no reason and then the dog disappearing, never to be seen again. I know that they eat dogs in Korea, but I have also been told that this is not everywhere and that the dogs are raised on special farms. Yeah, I am not going to handle that well at all, trust me on this one. I am an animal lover and some of the stories I have read, well, let's just say that I want to be SURE that I am bringing my dog into a safe environment. I am trying not to be too paranoid, so ANYONE living in JEONJU, KOREA or having top information about this subject and details of how animals are treated who are being transported, please by all means, respond.