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Green Tripe - How much to feed?

July 2nd, 2008, 08:02 PM
I'm new to posting here but found this website a couple of weeks ago, and ever since I haven't left a day without going through it! There's so much valuable info here!

Kali just had surgery a 3 weeks ago, and had to take a bunch of antibiotics and now has a ear infection - we've been a frequent visitor at the vets this past month :wall:

So I bought my first can of green tripe, (as I've read about the benefits or the probiotics from it) and from all the threads I've about it stinking to high hell I think I'm going to feed it to Kali outside on the deck :thumbs up

I've been going through the search, trying to find out how much I should be feeding her but have not been able to find any info at all?

She's a 9-yr old 78lb Lab, I'm in the process of transitioning her from Wysong Senior to Orijen Senior right what would be a good amount for her and how often should I give it to her to get some good bacteria back into her?

July 9th, 2008, 11:36 AM
so what would be a good amount for her and how often should I give it to her to get some good bacteria back into her?

Green Tripe is a great supplement for our fur babies. I have a dog with kidney disease and it's a must for his diet.

I would say, because of everything your dog has been through why not introduce it case her tummy doesn't agree with it. Your in the process of transitioning food, plus surgery and antibiotics, it's a lot for her system. So I would just add a few spoonfulls into her food.

If the biggest benefit you are trying to achieve is getting probiotics into her system, there are tons of them available in pill form that you can crack open and dust into her food, even some good ol' fashioned yogurt can help.

I give my dog a probiotic daily with his meal ( mix of raw/home cooking) and I leave the green tripe for more of a 'treat'.

Take care of your baby, just love on her and she will be back to 100% in no time! :lovestruck:

July 9th, 2008, 03:18 PM
Green tripe is a great addition to any dogs feeding program, I feed it regularly to all my dogs as well. I don't really think you have to worry much about how much you give, as long as most of your dogs ration is his regular food. My big dogs probably get about half a can a day, but that varies alot. Sometimes a couple tablespoons, sometimes none at all. Another thing you may want to consider feeding since your girl has had an ear infection is pure apple cider vinegar. Adding a bit to her food or water... even cleaning her ears with a 50/50 solution of it with water. Yeast hates the vinegar, and ACV has many nutritional properties as well that you may be interested in for your dog. Do a search on it if you aren't familiar with using it, you will find alot of information on the internet. Good luck! :dog:

July 9th, 2008, 03:55 PM
Thanks for your replies!

For a probiotic to put into her food, is there any particular kind of brand?
I think Solid Gold has one? Can I just give her acidophillus (sp?) that people can consume? Does it matter how much? I would assume straight probiotics would be more beneficial then yogurt...

July 10th, 2008, 01:53 PM
A 'human' brand that you can pick up at any drugstore or health food store, even a Walmart..will be fine.

I started with getting the fancy expensive ones, and in the end the results are the same in my opinion...You can splurge if you'd like, since this is a temporary supplement. But I go to Costco and stock up on mine because all his vitamins and supplements are a permanent part of his diet.

Your dog is large. I think she'd be fine with one capsule a day..just open it and dust the contents into her food, she won't know the difference.

I started my dog out on half..and he's under 40 lbs..just in case he didn't agree with it for some reason. But there were no issues, so he gets one now. But you can monitor to see if you notice any diarrhea or anything, and may even be able to add 2 capsules.

While there are a lot of supplements made for dogs, I need to be careful since I monitor every ounce of anything going into my dog. So while they may be great for a normal healthy dog, things like extra vitamin A or vitamin D can harm mine.

With human grade stuff, I seem to get the more 'pure' ingredients, rather than a combined supplement with additional nutrients, that are just useless or even harmful to my dog. I get a thorough list of ingredients and percentages since they are made for human consumption.