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The ’08 Race for the Obama Dog House

July 2nd, 2008, 01:44 PM
The American Kennel Club is volunteering to help expected Democratic nominee Barack Obama with one of the toughest choices he will have to make this year: what kind of dog to get his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, who have been promised a pup—win or lose—after Election Day. “The girls really want a dog,” confirmed a spokesman for Obama.

Finn, a 2 year-old pug, ponders life inside the White House during an April 2008 walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. (Kara Scannell/WSJ)
“So, with 158 breeds registered by the American Kennel Club—each with its own unique temperament, coat type, size, and energy level—the search for a canine cabinet member is on,” writes the AKC.

The group is asking supporters “in the true spirit of doggy democracy” to vote on-line at for the breed they believe would best fit the Obama family. The winning breed will be announced in late August, right around the time Obama will accept the nomination at the party convention in Denver.

The AKC has already selected five breeds–bichon frise, Chinese crested, miniature schnauzer, poodle, and soft-coated wheaten terrier–they believe would be a good fit because Obama’s daughters have allergies and the selected breeds are hypoallergenic. So far, miniature schnauzer is leading with 30%.

In the spirit of doggy bipartisanship, the AKC notes that John McCain’s family already has 24 pets, including four dogs: an English springer spaniel named Sam, two Yorkshire terriers named Lucy and Desi, and a mixed-breed named Coco.

Readers: What kind of dog do you think Obama should get for his daughters?

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