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Caramel update

July 7th, 2004, 07:58 PM
Well thanks to Luba, Heidiho and luckyresue for your advice regarding Caramel peeing and biting. I paid very close attention to him today and worked with him today. He is like a totally different puppy today!! I have not seen him this happy except when he playing with other dogs. We had him out lots today to pee and he only peed in the house 2 times today and that was on the paper. I decided to put the paper back down instead of puppy pads as I thought this may have condused him, if paper was what he was used to.

Anyway we had a fantastic day and he just got out of the bath, he wasnt too thrilled with that but was very very happy when we were done.

I was able to take some pics today (finally!!)

I dont know how to post them, when I clicked on 'Manage Attachments' it said my files are too large 100kb max.

Can someone tell me how to load them?


July 7th, 2004, 08:50 PM
OH thats really really good news :D So glad to hear!

All the love will pay off, even though it can be frustrating...hang in there and you'll be happy you did.

Do you have a program to shrink your pictures? If not private mesg me and I'l do it for you :D let me know!