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older dog with new puppy

June 30th, 2008, 05:18 AM
I have an older dog she is a 5 year old chi. She is a very shy dog and we have been working with her on this (with a trainer, and on our own). We decided that we would get another puppy, and a few months ago made that a reality. We adopted a pug/rat terrier cross who is now 5 months old. Although, I did as much research as I could - I had no idea how hyper she would be. ;)

Anyways, in many ways the chi has come out of her shell. When people come to the door she no longer runs away and hides (she stands there and barks - which is something we need to train her out of). But that is a big step for her. She now will come over to be pet by familiar people, etc.

The question I have, is the puppy seems to be giving off all the right signals, but the chi I don't think realizes how to play with other dogs. They chase each other. The chi just barks or growls at the puppy, and the weird thing is, the chi seems to enjoy this 'play' time.

Does anyone have suggestions on things I can do to help her realize that they can play together?

I have enrolled them in obedience class together, hoping that this might help.

June 30th, 2008, 02:11 PM
It sounds like they're on the right track with the play, Bandit55. Growling, barking and chasing are all part of the mock battles they play with each other. And nothing brings out the inner puppy in an older dog than a real puppy.

What's the history on your chi? We have a dog that spent the first year of her life neglected and isolated in an outdoor kennel before she was rescued. When she came here, the other dogs wanted to play, but she literally didn't know how to go about it. Took them 2 months, but Cass and Cole finally taught Macie how to play! (It was my Christmas morning present of '04--I looked out in the side yard and there was our shy little Macie hanging off the scruff of our big boy Cole and then chasing Cass around in the snow. :D Best present I've ever gotten. :cloud9:)

Does your chi ever do a play bow (down on elbows, but in the air?) Does she ever roll your pup? Does the pup ever roll the chi? Does anyone ever get hurt in their interactions?

Obedience classes are a great idea--if for no other reason than that you can have the instructor evaluate your two dogs together. :thumbs up