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A Question Dealing With Humans

June 26th, 2008, 02:24 PM
:wall: I've posted questions about my cat, my new kitten, and the two of them together. Now I have a question regarding the human species that own these cute little critters. I keep the litter box for my cats on the lanai of my apartment (on the 7th floor). It is very clean, I scoop it at least twice a day, and it never smells. On the other hand, I have a neighbor who is not so clean. She owns 3 cats and our lanais are right next to eath other. Every so often -- and more often than I wish -- the wind will blow her litter box smells over onto my lanai (or even into my apartment) and it stinks!! :yuck::yuck:

I've wondered for a while how to deal with this. I know she is busy and works a lot. However, is that an excuse for her cats' litter box to get so stinky?? On certain days when her cats' litter box is full and the wind is blowing just the right way, I can't sit out on my lanai because of the terrible smell. :eek: It doesn't really seem fair. My question is: Should I tell her? And if so, how do I tell her without offending her or causing bad vibes between us? We are friendly to one another and always say "hello", but that's as close as our relationship goes. Anyone have any input as to how to deal with this in a tactful manner?? (I've tried putting air freshener out on my lanai, but it does not help.)

June 26th, 2008, 03:02 PM
Maybe you should start a conversation about what kind of litter she uses, and suggest she try the kind you use. It might prompt her to ask if the smell of her litter box is invading your space. If someone were to do that to me, that's what I'd think.:shrug: