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Anal Gland and Excessive Peeing

June 24th, 2008, 03:53 PM
I have a 7 year old siamese cat - a few months ago he had an anal gland rupture. He was taken to the vet, the glands were cleaned out and he was given medication as well as a cone to go around his head to keep him from licking his wound. He was taken back in recently to have the glands checked again and the vet had to clean them out because they were full. Six days later (yesterday) , we find him peeing in a puzzle box of my sisters. We thought maybe the litter box was dirty and that's why he did it. We also noticed he was licking his bum alot. We looked and noticed that his bum was very raw, (from the cleaning I assume), but also it seemed like an anal gland may have ruptured again. Weve put the cone back on him to keep him from licking. Later the same night he peed on the Saturday paper which was on the counter, even though the litter box was freshly cleaned. We put him into the litter box minutes later and he had a looong pee there too.

Today I walked into the bathroom in our house and I notice pee on the floor...again! I'm VERY concerned. He is a very clean cat, and I have no idea what has gotten into him. He'llbe returning to the vet soon if this keeps up, but until then I'd love some input!

June 24th, 2008, 04:30 PM
I suggest a return vet visit sooner rather than later. Make sure to have a full blood panel and urinalysis done. Excessive urination can be a sign of a number of serious ailments like diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroid....

June 24th, 2008, 05:09 PM
Please do take ure kitty in asap.

Keep in mind that him peeing elsewhere may be because he is in pain from his anal glands (u said they looked like they may have ruptured again) and he is now associating pain with the litter box and hence is doing his business elsewhere.

When cats have a urine tract infection one of the first signs may be that they will pee outside the litterbox and this is because they associate pain when peeing with the litterbox.

If everything else checks out fine it may just be that pain association with his anal glands.

regarding the anal glands, does he scoot often? What do you feed him? My cat Onnie has had recurrent anal gland issues in the past when he needed to get them expressed. Luckily, we took him in before they ruptured as my brother was watching him one day as he begad to scoot.

What helped for us was to change his food as well as supplement with baby food squash (for the fibre, it adds more bulk to the stool allowing the glands to be squeezed naturally). Since then no issues :fingerscr* Thanks growler and sugarcatmom*

June 25th, 2008, 02:31 AM
Good job Onster :thumbs up

I second/third everything mentioned here.

Please update us after your visit to the vet :goodvibes: