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shaved dog, skin issues & a rant

June 23rd, 2008, 08:00 AM
What a weekend!

Friday we brought our little Pom rescue, now named Molly, to a specialist our vet had referred us to. We thought her skin problems (large chunks of skin & fur peeling off on her back) could be allergies. It took the specialist about 2 minutes to say that she had seen this once before & it was caused from use of oil of oregano. Apparently it can burn if it is not diluted properly or something like that. I remembered the person at the rescue shelter mentioning using this product but hadnít really put 2 and 2 together, until the specialist brought it up. In any case, there isnít much we can do as the tissue is dead. Thankfully the vet thinks everything will grow back over time & there shouldnít be any scarring. Poor little thing looks quite awful though, even if it doesnít seem to be bothering her.

Then we were away overnight for a wedding and my BIL was babysitting our big dogs. We came home and he Ďsurprisedí us with having given a bath to both dogs & with the help ( & suggestion) of his neighbor had shaved Buster our golden, so he would be more comfortable. I didnít know what to say. I know he thought he was doing something nice for us, so it was difficult to be angry but inside I was really upset. My beautiful boyís coat is gone. I did explain to him why we donít shave him and he felt badÖ.but itís too late now.

Finally last night as I was cleaning the kitchen I heard scratching at our front door. I open the door to see a little lab pup sitting on the stoop. She had a collar but no tags. No owner in sight. We know all the dog owners on our street and we didnít recognize this pup. I gave her some water & then asked my husband to walk around the neighborhood to see if anyone was looking while I made some calls to our local animal patrol and vetís office. He came back an hour having found no one looking. So we tied the pup under our maple in the front with some water & a little food. I was reluctant to bring her in the house as our Pom was just getting over her pneumonia/ kennel cough & I didnít know if this pup would have any immunity. Anyhow we sat out there with her, playing & having our coffee for awhile until finally a man comes up and says itís his puppy. Turns out this pup is 13 weeks old and he didnít think it could wander far so he let the pup out in his front yard (we later found then live on a nearby boulevard) but then forgot him as he was busy working in the house. WTF!! Who the heck leaves an unsupervised puppy in their front yard on any street let alone a busy boulevard?!

Ok my rant is over now. Thanks for listening.

June 23rd, 2008, 12:43 PM
What the heck were they doing with oil of oregano? :confused:

I think it's great that your BIL wanted to do something nice, but you wouldn't shave someone's kids head without asking would you? I don't know why some people think it's okay to do things like that. I think I'd have a fit if I came home and found my cats shaved. I get good intentions, but wth?

And this guy was a total turd! How can you just forget you have your little puppy outside? He should be thankful nothing happened to him. Hopefully he won't make a habit of doing something that stupid again.