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Introduction and MUCH MUCH more.....

June 22nd, 2008, 12:54 PM
Hello fellow cat lovers~:grouphug:
My name is Kimberly and I'm owned by 4 GORGEOUS kitties. I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not a veterinarian or a nutritionist. I'm a VERY VERY dedicated cat lover and have researched the cat's many needs(to extreme-including all nutritional needs and I even talk to a cat nutritionist and a holistic vet to confirm any/all of my findings before I practice them). Anyway, My eldest kitty is named Kinko--9 yrs, 2 mths, 23 days old.(born 3/28/1999) Kinko is an exotic breed-a Devon Rex from Devonshire, Europe. My hubby got him for me because I LOVE cats but was once acutely allergic. The Devon Rex breed doesn't shed so the chemical that people are allergic to (that is in the cat's saliva) doesn't get into the air--EVER. I'm no longer allergic to ANY cat due to Kinko:thumbs up:. My immune system went into overdrive until MY ALLERGY OF CATS WENT AWAY COMPLETELY!! Next one is KJ--4 yrs., 1 mth., 18 days old.(born 5/5/2004) He is 1/4 Maine Coon. I rescued him while off-roading with my husband in our former monster KJ Jeep(KJ is the technical jeep name for a "Jeep Liberty") I heard KJ's cries on top of a cliff on a tree branch. Dave and I were in the middle of nowhere--where could he have come from? "Thrown out" to die in the woods in the July heat was our conclusion :loser:=owner. KJ had not one tick or flea on him but was in the trees.:shrug: Being partially disabled as I am, the jeep crew and some others carried me up the cliff so I could get KJ down(he was only 5 wks. old). I fed him (I had some turkey left over from lunch--THANK GOODNESS:thumbs up:lovestruck:)and then back home(3 hours away) we went. Next one is Reese--2 yrs. 1 mth 30 days old.(born 4/24/2006 according to Humane Society) Reese is 3/4 Norwegian Forest cat. I rescued Reese from the Humane Society. The "Humane" Society wanted to euthanize him the next day:sad: Reese is named after Reese's Peanut butter cups because he's as sweet and soothing as the candy and matches EVERY color(including the white chocolate covered ones) Last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST is Tigger-8 mths 23 days old.(born 9/30/2007 in my back yard) Tigger's breed is yet to be determined but he's VERY rambuctious(sp)-to say the least, energetic, loving and sort of even resembles an Oriental Shorthair. Tigger's tan colored with a VERY thick white stripe on his upper right thigh and white tummy, chin, paws and circular white stripes on his tail. All the cats eat raw cornish hens (at least one of their 2 meals/day--Tigger eats all raw for both meals) and all but Tigger eat certain flavors of Meow Mix Market Selects in the plastic cup since one of two things I'm very strict on. Nutrition and demeanor.:cat: Meow Mix Market Selects cups have 3 flavors that do not contain 1. ANY gluten, 2. ANY grains or 3. any artificial/harmful ANYTHING. That is why MM Market Selects wins an award from me.......QUALITY!!!! The flavors are, Tuna and real shrimp(yes, you see the small sized shrimp and tuna bones) Salmon and real Crab(yes, you can see the salmon bodies and bones) and real beef and gravy. I also get some MM pouches like Hook Line and Sinker(red snapper) (yes, you do see the red snapper and bones) and MM wholesome goodness wet food in plastic containers(this is new). Call me nutso for after the intense 2007 pet food recall I even went so far as to risk my own life for my fids. I decided to give MM Market Selects the ultimate test before feeding it to my cats. ONE time ONLY, I ate about a tsp. full of each cup/pouch. I needed to see if the meat was really "human grade" and safe. THEY ARE. I wouldn't just take any body's word for it. If I got sick, a DEFINITE law suit would arise. I went even farther. I called the USDA and found out that Meow Mix Market Selects (owned by Del Monte who make Sunkist Tuna which is right next to their pet food warehouse) actually get all of their pet food meat from a USDA approved plant but when it gets into the "pet" food warehouse, it's no longer considered USDA. Each tsp tasted really YUCKY to me(to say the least)but I didn't vomit or get nauseous and after brushing my teeth for 10 min. I couldn't taste that I had even done it. LOL Humans have much much much weaker stomachs and intestines than cats so that test was the topper. I'm now entirely sold on Market Selects. I'm NOT sold on any pastey-textured aluminum "pop-top" cans of cat food, at all. NO MATTER how "natural" the brand claims it is. No matter how many statistics show "healthy" results. Those type of cans have been proven to cause extremely bad health related problems in cats--like hyperthyroidism. How "natural" and "safe" is that? If hyperthyroidism is not caught in just the right time, intense illness WILL result, maybe even death. Well, that's my story for now. Hope to chat with ya all later......As Jim Carey says "Good morning, Good afternoon and Good day". :cat::cat::cat::cat:

Peace to ALL(animals included)~

June 22nd, 2008, 01:32 PM
Hi, KatNanny.

Sounds like you have quite the crew. After such an introduction, you'll for sure have to post pictures of your munchkins! :D

We have a lot of members interested in nutrition and feeding raw or modified raw diets, so I suspect you'll find some good discussions to get in on. :thumbs up

Welcome to the board.

June 22nd, 2008, 01:39 PM
:highfive:Thank you for the welcome. I really look forward to any and all education that I get. I thank you again. Pictures will definitely be posted as soon as this computer is replaced for I don't have the correct RAM. My husband has all the pictures in HIS computer.:sad: