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Gross story!!

June 21st, 2008, 01:34 PM
:sorry: in advance to those who have a weak stomach, this is kind of gross.

I took Sola to the provincial park near where I live this morning. I let her off-leash for a little bit, she's pretty good off leash and just kind of does circles around me, and explores a bit. (I went early in the morning while there was literally no one else at the park). I should note that this is on the Atlantic Ocean.

Just some background... The park goes along a harbour, has a view of the city and is quite nice. Sola doesn't *usually* go down to the water (the path doesn't go all the way down to the water), she stays on the main paths with me. However, once I went to the same park with a friend and her Golden where Sola picked up the bad habit of running into the water. I normally don't care on beaches and lakes and whatnot, but I worry about the dirty harbour water. Supposedly the area around the park isn't too bad, but still... I often put Sola on-leash around the water area so she doesn't get tempted.

Anyway- this morning Sola was full of energy and ran down to the water before I could stop her. Then I noticed her eating something, and got worried because I thought it could have been birds' eggs near the shoreline. But she ran away from me (presumably out of fear that I would confiscate her new yummy thing) with something rather large in her mouth, so it wasn't eggs.

Then I noticed it was something brown and thought it was a squirrel- there are lots and lots in the park. But by then Sola was knee deep in the water eating her tidbit.

I started looking around. Surely there would be some clue about what she got into. No sooner did I glance down, I noticed the most disgusting thing... A large, dead seal carcass. And this is what she had a piece of. Eating it. :yuck:

And then I started worrying about disease and everything. Not to go into detail but the carcass was obviously fresh. It's not the first time, and the vet said not to worry too much about it, that large dogs often get into that sort of carrion... I did some online searching about it, but didn't come up with anything. Our St-Bernards also found seals like this frequently. She hasn't been sick and :fingerscr that she won't be. I contacted natural resources to report the "find".

Anyone else encounter this or something similar?? :shrug::yuck:

June 22nd, 2008, 07:53 AM
Guess not :laughing:

I was at the park again today with Sola and from what I could see/smell the seal was removed. Still, ick.

June 22nd, 2008, 09:04 AM
My childhood cocker spaniel used to eat dead fishes and dead frogs all the time at our cottage :yuck:

Now my goldens will roll on dead animals but will not eat them.