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Cat thining fur on tummy? Help!!

June 18th, 2008, 08:36 PM
Hi one of my cats Boo is 5 year old black beauty. He was neutered at approximatly 7 -8 months. We believe he is part Siamese as he displays some some of the qualities and behaviors of Siameses. He is thin and sleek and has had a little jiggly belly since he was neutered. Noe here is the problem. Over the last few months I noticed his hair is thinin on his belly. There is no rash, doesnt seem to be pulling it out it just lookst like it is thining natuarlly. There is no change in his temper, eating, pooping. He is the same as usual just that he is thining on his belly. Now I just took him in for his yearly vet visit 3 months ago and had a clear bill of health. But I forgot to ask the vet about this. Can cat fur thin out like humain fine hair?

My husband is thining as well ....Maybe Boo is trying to look more like Daddy??? (LOL)

Anyone has info on this? (Not the hubby's hair but the kittie's fur) :D

Xavier - 15
Boo - 5
Sheba - 4
Oreo - 2
Felichat -11 months