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Purebred papers

July 4th, 2004, 10:44 PM

Well we've had Caramel for about a week and he seems to be settling in ok. I took him to the groomers on Friday because apparently the ppl who had him before did not take care of him properly and he was all matted. I had him shaved right down, he looks like a completely different dog now (soooo cute). Anyway after I got him home I realized he is tatooed in his ear, I got him from Toronto Animal Services and had no idea that he was a purebred. Is it possible to get is papers? Does it really matter if I have them? I have never had a purebred anything before, I am a strong beleiver in rescuing animals and very rarely do you resue purebreds.

Thanks :D :D :D

July 4th, 2004, 10:48 PM
Well, they may not be the best bred purebreds in the world, but there are a lot of purebreds out there in the shelter system.

July 4th, 2004, 10:58 PM
My concern is not that he is a puebred, I really could care less, I just want a compatible dog for me and my family. I am just wondering how I would look into where he came from as I noticed he is tattooed, or if it even matters. I have no history on him, other than the ppl who had him before me didnt want him (they had him for 1 1/2 months and gave him up because of chewing, he is still a puppy) and that they did not take very good care of him. Dont get me wrong I dont necessarily think he was abused, but he appears to have had little or no grooming and no training other than going to the washroom on paper.

Can I get any information on his parents medical history because he is a purebred, or does it even matter? As I said I dont have any experience with purebreds.


July 4th, 2004, 11:10 PM
I am not sure how easy/hard it is to track tattoos to be honest. I would be willing to bet that he did not come from the best breeder around, so I wouldn't worry about finding out about his past. He is a pup, so you can socialize him, train him and vet him as needed. Most importantly, just love him.

July 4th, 2004, 11:13 PM
Ok....Thanks Sandi...Didnt knwo if it made a difference...I fell in love with him the first day, he is beautiful and is officially my shadow now :D
Initially I was getting him for my son to have a companion, not realizing how much I would fall for him....I will post some pics of him soon

Thanks again!! :D

July 4th, 2004, 11:32 PM
I wonder if TAS called the breeder?

You should track down the breeder and let them know. This dog may be missing from who knows 'where' OR if the owner was neglectful... then they need to know not to let them have another pup!

Edited to enter the following:
Canadian Kennel Club

Dogs bred in Canada and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club are generally tattooed in one ear or the flank. The tattoo is made up of three parts. First is a three character letter-number sequence which is the identification code of the breeder. This is followed by a number which is generated sequentially and refers to the number of dogs the breeder has registered that year, this is followed by a letter representing the year the dog was born. These letters are determined by CKC and some letters are not used. The most significant part is the initial, three character letter-number sequence. This identifies the breeder.
An example of a CKC number: 7MR 1 C
Canadian Kennel Club address:
Canadian Kennel Club
Suite 100, 89 Skyway Ave
Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 6R4

Canadian Kennel Club phone number:
416 675 5511

There are several national organizations now that register tattoos.
AKC will help with dogs tattooed with the AKC number or microchipped and registered with them.

An AKC number normally has two letters then 6 digits and a two digit trailer.
HM 010101-01 or HM 010101/01 or HM 01010101.

National Dog registry has an 800 number:
1 800 NDR DOGS (1 800 637 3647)
Usually people register their social security number with the NDR. However they will register any number so it is a good idea to give them a call.

ID Pet
ID pet numbers normally begin with an "X'.
ID pet phone numbers are: 1 800 243 9147 or 1 203 327 3157

July 5th, 2004, 04:57 PM
What breed is he Danielle? I have a few tattoo registry sites in my favorites I can look through for you.....

Good for you for adopting a rescue!!

July 5th, 2004, 05:13 PM
Caramel is a Shih Tzu.

I took him to the vet today and he is sick :( I am worried about him. The vet said he has a bad ear infection, and eye infection and a respiratory infection. He quoted me $200 just for the meds for the eye and ear infections :eek: , however I called TAS to find out if a vet had looked him over and I called some other vets and was told to watch out for the vet I took him to. Apparently he is not very good and way overcharges, so I called some others and it looks like they will be alot cheaper so we will hopefully get him fixed up this week.

He really does not like to be handled so its hard for me to read the tattoo in his ear but I will try this evening again.

Does anyone have any home remedies I can do in the meantime before I take him to another vet for his ear?


July 5th, 2004, 05:31 PM
Having had a dog with multiple ear infections I would say just keep him indoors as much and away from wind and water. Get the meds asap as it can progress and get much worse. Do not attempt to do anything with the ears yourself at this point you can aggrivate the situation and cause pain,while you want the dog to trust you since it's a shelter dog.

edited to add
TAS wasn't very helpful?

July 5th, 2004, 05:32 PM
This treatment is the best and least expensive way to go. I guarantee results.

Blue Power Ear Treatment

16 Oz. Isopropyl Alcohol
4 Tablespoons Boric Acid Powder
16 Drops Gentian Violet Solution 1%

Mix together in alcohol bottle and shake well. You will also need to shake solution every time you use it to disperse the Boric Acid Powder. To use, purchase the "Clairol" type plastic bottle to dispense solution to affected ears.

TREATMENT: Evaluate condition of ears before treating and if very inflamed and sore do not attempt to pull hair or clean out ear at all. Wait until inflammation has subsided which will be about 2 days.

Shake the bottle each time before using. Flood the ear with solution (gently squirt bottle), massage gently to the count of 60, wipe with a tissue. Flood again on first treatment, wipe with a tissue, and leave alone without massage. The dog will shake out the excess which can be wiped with a tissue, the Gentian Violet does stain fabrics.

Treat 2x per day for the first week to two weeks depending upon severity of ears
Treat 1x per day for the next 1-2 weeks
Treat 1x per month (or even less frequently, depending on the dog)

All of these ingredients should be available at a pharmacy. The Boric Acid Powder soothes the ear. The Gentian Violet Solution is an anti-infection agent. The solution appears to work well on any and all ear problems from mites to wax to canker. After the second or third you can clean out the ear with a Q-tip or cotton balls. Their success rate for this treatment is 95-99%. Those who do not succeed have usually not done the treatment long enough or have not been regular about it.

Dogs on the verge of ear canal surgery have been returned to normal with only the regular follow-up treatment to keep the ear healthy. If an infection seems to be remaining in the treated ear after the above course of treatment, you may also have some Pseudomonas bacteria in the site. This can be eradicated by using a gentle flush of raw apple cider vinegar and water (warm). Use 2 Tablespoons of vinegar to one cup of water, 2x per week.

They have found the Blue Power Solution to be effective for treating fungus-type infections on the feet and elsewhere on the dog, for cuts on dogs or people, and for hot spots. You may find other uses for this simple anti-infective agent. Remember it is for external use only and be careful not to get into the eyes.

July 5th, 2004, 06:41 PM
Good information to know. I've started a file on helpful remedies. Is the ear solution just for treatment or can it be used for periodic maintenance? Sometimes, when plucking the hair from inside the ear, I notice a little dirt. I've always used a few drops of a commercial "ear lotion" to moisten it before wiping it out with a moistened cotton ball. Would it be good for that? I don't know what's in the commercial lotion. :)

July 5th, 2004, 06:49 PM
thanks trescanis I will try this solution in the morning.

Luba, TAS was helpful to a point, however Caramel was not checked out by a vet before I adopted him (I found this odd, I thought they were all checked out first) he was only in their custody for a few hours apparently. I thought he had come in the day before but no, apparently he came in that morning and I got him around noon, so no check-up. He only got his vaccination and microchip done. And basically anything that I have to pay to get him in good health is on me :mad: you would think that if they are not even going to have the dogs checked by a vet they would tell you that. I assumed they were this was a big concern after I heard that as I have a child at home and you never know what they might have. I also think that his previous owners knew he was sick and didnt want to pay to get him better so gave him up, as they said he chewed everything and thats why they gave him up, but I have yet to see him chew anything but his chew toys!!

July 5th, 2004, 07:01 PM
TAS are irresponsible, I've had dealins with them.

Anyway did they tell u the dog was a surrender or stray? No they don't do auto vet visits when a dog comes in, stupid because thats how they get kennel cough rampant through the facilities.

July 5th, 2004, 07:11 PM
Caramel was surrendered. The papers his previous owners filled out said he was healthy and that he chewed things. As I said I have not seen him chew anything yet (besides his toys). But they did say he was healthy, if the ear infection is as bas as this vet today says it is, there is no way it developed only in the last 6 days!! I am releived that they surrendered him, now he can have a proper home where he will be loved and be 'Properly' taken care of.

Another thing I didnt even think of until now, is he has a big lump on his belly (I think it is an umbilical hernia) I forgot to mention this to the vet, but he was completely shaved on Friday (he looks adorable) and the lump is big, you would think he would have noticed it. I noticed it the first night and he was very very furry when we got him. I definitly wont be going back to that vet again!!!

July 5th, 2004, 08:25 PM
Let us know what haps with the vet.

Poor baby :( I'm glad you have Caramel now!!!

July 6th, 2004, 09:35 AM
Poor puppy. Lots of people surrender their pets and say it is a reason that it isn't. "He chews, he barks, he digs..." that type of stuff. Often it is simple behavior problems which could be fixed! You're lucky to have him! :)

July 6th, 2004, 06:06 PM

I was shocked, he seemed to be totally bathroom trained, however, I bought puppy pads, just incase he really needed to go, and he seemed to have no problem going on paper, but today he peed about 3 feet away from the paper on the floor. When he did, I told him no, put him on the pad then he turned around and bit me. He didnt draw blood, but it did hurt a little, and it definitly was not a 'nip'. This is a huge concern as I have a 7-year-old son, and it is him we adopted caramel for. As it is now Caramel really wants nothing to do with my son or anyone else but me.

After the initial bite this afternoon, he did it again this evening....I am thinking I might have to return him, if he is a biter I cannot have him with my son. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that may explain his behaviour?


July 6th, 2004, 06:09 PM
I dont but i feel for you,i just had to get of my gsd because of agrression,food,toys..Then last week i had someone over,from that day on if i even tried to pet him he would growl at me..I did not have the money for training,which is what you probably need,but he went to great place,miss him alot though,if you can fix it,i would try................

July 6th, 2004, 06:17 PM
First you dont' know what he's gone through and he may be tender in the area you picked him up. He may have been abused. Unless you are certain of a dogs behaviour, especially a shelter dog I would NEVER pick them up until you gain their trust.

What you should have done was take the dog outside not put the dog on the pee pad. This encourages the dog to go 'indoors'. It's so nice outside, just take the dog out more frequently then you have fewer accidents in the home. You may want to not use the pee pads just take the dog out more, the dog is 10mons old and can hold it's pee for atleast a couple of hours UNLESS there is an infection.

Try not to raise your voice or shout, talk angry or grab the dog in 'any' way. You are still getting to know this dog who may have been through heck and back to say the least.

NEVER interrupt the dog mid-pee or poop EVER! Let them do what they do then immediately take the dog outside. Clean the area with water and vinegar.

Every time you take Caramel outside, keep on a lead atleast until he goes to the w/r. Never let him off lead unless you are in a fenced in area. When he goes to the w/r praise him, very happily. Good boy Caramel , good boy...lots of love and pats and give him a yummy treat!! Make a BIG deal about him going to the w/r outside!

July 6th, 2004, 07:01 PM
Thanks for the advice Luba.

First though, I lead him to the pee pad, I didnt pick him up to put him on the pad, I simply had my hands very gently on his sides and he was able to walk away from me and did after he bit me. I did wait until he was done peeing, I know not to interupt them when they are in mid-pee.

I have been takling Caramel out at least 4-5 times a day, I am a stay-at-home mom and have lots of time for this. for the most part, as we are very active he is out most of the day, in my friends backyard, at parks etc... he goes everywhere with me so I dont think this is for a lack of going outside, the pad are just there in case, as when I got him the papers just said he was 'paper-trained'.

I also do praise himm everytime he goes pee or poo outside. I actually bring a baggie of treats with me everywhere we go and he already knows the baggie very well.

I appreciate the advice, it seems I am on the right track as far as training him and praising him. That's why I dont understand the behaviour today. I have picked him up mainly to go donwstairs and he has alreadyfallen down them a bunch of times, his tiny legs arent long enough yet.

Anywawy thanks again Luba

July 6th, 2004, 08:31 PM
10 mons should be fully grown almost for a dog that size they have trouble anyway navigating stairs if they aren't carpeted.

I just say, more outings then pee pads. That will be the best answer.

Caramel may very well have some terrorizing memories of people picking him up and hurting him, maybe hitting, pinching or throwing him even. :(

Someone may have 'booted' him when he peed inside so hence the fear.

Just redirect it, use a happy voice if he pees indoors say 'lets go outside'!

You can try to shove a pee pad gently under him when he's going to catch it but he will go outside if you take him out more. It's great that you're home to do this, that will make the bonding go far better.

How is he sleeping at night? Make sure the first thing you do in the morning is put his leash on and take him outside and take a yummie treat with you , to reinforce the praising and so on. It will all work out in time ! :D

Just never know what he's been through:(

Lucky Rescue
July 6th, 2004, 08:46 PM
You've only had this dog a few days, right? I don't think you should be taking him everywhere and introducing him to all kinds of people until he is completely settled into a routine in your home. This will make him feel secure, and one thing animals in shelters lack is any feeling of security.

For now, do the the same thing at the same time with him every day - walks, playing, naptime, feeding, etc. This will calm him as he will now know what to expect. It will also help bond him with the family. Doing the same thing every day may seem boring to us, but dogs thrive on routine. Have your child feed him. When he is settled, sign up for obedience classes.

Small dogs like this look like cuddly toys, but are often intolerant and snappy with kids.