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Weiner dog help! PLEASE!

June 12th, 2008, 09:42 AM
My brother adopted a 7 year old male weiner dog about a year ago. When I lived with my parents it took some adjustment for him because there was another dog in the house, he would poop or pee and I figured because he was a male he was doing this. Fineally when he stopped he focused on sleeping in my ned EVERYNIGHT I moved about about a month ago and about 2 weeks ago bought him a very comfortable bed. He will wake up about 4 times a night whinning and trying to jump into my bed. How can I get him not to do this anymore?

As well when the doggie and I lived at my parents he was fine to be left at home by himself because he enjoyed the company of the oher dog. Now I can't leave him at home because he will poop or pee in my apartment if I leave. Will crate trainning prevent this? My brother told me the people who previously had him kennaled would a crate or a kennal be good for him. What size should I get? He is 17 pounds.

June 12th, 2008, 10:46 AM
Why don't you just let him sleep with you. I grew up sleeping with daschunds and it was wonderful.
This little guy might have had a very hard life before your brother got him, maybe he didn't get many cuddles and spent his days alone. Plus you've just taken him away again from a familiar environment - not blaming you - but that's a fact.
So give him what he needs. He'll probably want to get under the covers with you (ours did) but you can train him to lie on a blanket at the bottom of the bed. Where's the harm?
It doesn't sound as if the previous owners bothered to house train him either :evil:. Does he go in the apartment while you are there? If so, you need to take him out consistently, always after he eats, last thing at night and at intervals in between. You need to read his 'body language' which indicates he needs to go out, when he is sniffing around for a good place or sitting near the door. In theory, a 7-year old dog should be able to 'hold it' when you are at work but only if you work up to it gradually.
It sounds like this guy needs alot of love and patience. Do not punish him for any accidents, or even yell, it will only make him fearful. No-one took the time to show him, it isn't his fault.
When you are at work, confine him to a small area and put some papers down, as you would for a puppy. Leave the radio or TV on low. If you can visit him at lunch, all the better.
If the former owners left him crated for long periods, in his own filth :evil:, you will have to start at the beginning and convince him that his crate is a good place - throwing in treats, making a comfy bed and always leaving the door open so he can go in there for a nap. I'm sure others here will have suggestions for you.
Time and patience and lots of together time when you're not working.