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what you are feeding your pup/kitty and why

June 6th, 2008, 11:52 AM
i know we have some excellent threads on pet food info. i thought i would start one on what everyone here is feeding their pet that they are doing well on, and what they transitioned from and why. The orijen thread had me thinking about it, and as i have currently switched a few times to try to find the best for my early renal kitty and my allergy prone dog.. just curious about all of your experiences:)

pantera is now on wellness grain free canned turkey/salmon seems okay, switched over from felidae canned as there were some quality control issues, she didnt like merrick canned, and blue buffalo which i tried once long ago she had a very bad reaction to.

Riker went from chicken soup for the soul, pooping more, last one always soft, switched to innova, started getting the itchies, bit of gas, and breath bit worse, but poops were less, and solid and fine. Currently trying him on wellness core both low fat and regular, gas is down and breath better so we shall see, itchies are less. considering going to a grain free that has a singular protein source but we shall see, his poops still can be occasionally soft.

so thats my scoop, curious as to all of your food experiences good and bad...

June 6th, 2008, 12:42 PM
I started Chase on Nutro Large Breed Puppy. He was never really "into" his food and always had to be coaxed to eat. He also had dry skin and the worst breath I have ever smelled in a dog (like rotting fish). Then I started researching dog food and was horrified when I realized all he was really getting from it was a tonne of rice, very little lamb, beet pulp and synthetic vitamin K...all for a pretty hefty price tag! He also pooped A LOT on this the time we went 4 blocks on a walk, he would have had 3 large poops :eek:

Now he's on Canidae. He enjoys eating it more, but is still a dog that won't eat more than he's really hungry for and often leaves a few bites behind in his dish at every meal. If he seems really disinterested I mix a spoonful of Wellness canned into his bowl and that does the trick. I feel Canidae is a good-quality food with lots of meat, and at a reasonable price considering it's high quality. I give him fresh fruits and veggies for treats. He seems to have a lot more energy, his coat is getting shinier, and he has 1-2 small, firm poops a day. The rotting-fish breath also disappeared!

Once I'm working full-time I plan to switch him to Wellness Complete Health or Wellness Core (will try both, and see how he does on the grain-free). I'm planning to do this because I feel it's a more holistic food and I appreciate the high-quality of their ingredients. But for now I feel good about feeding the Canidae. :)

June 6th, 2008, 01:42 PM
we feed all our pets raw (cats) and raw/left-overs (dog). the cats had some serious weight issues and the dog has allergies. still dont know what Mister is allergic to but we have found he can only eat Evo of which is more expensive than feeding raw and odds and ends from the house. the cats were so over weight. we werefeeding diet food, of which we learned was far far worse for them. we went to homemade cooked stuff for a while but honestly it was such a PITA. upon switching to raw we realized how healthy they could look and act. i woudlnt go back to commercial food for the cats for anything. the dog gets the occasional Evo for convenience (traveling and such) but otherwise eats raw meaty bones just like the cats but he also gets a few healthy 'left overs' or treats from our meals. he sure likes his peanut butter and honey toast in the morning. :)


June 6th, 2008, 02:10 PM
Dog food is ongoing.

Our cats get Wellness canned grain free(all varieties). Previously they had been fed various dry kibbles (Purina, Science Diet etc.) before my wife decided to try a better quality kibble (Acana). I convinced her to give them Orijen, and then to try them on canned food. The better quality and grain free kibble did them wonders, but the canned Wellness has done them more. Weight loss (they were fat), better coat, no flakes, less shedding and their litter box doesn't stink any more. There won't be any going back to kibble here.

June 6th, 2008, 02:14 PM
Jake the cat was on Iams weight loss for a good chunk of his life (pun intended ;)) which did nothing.

Both he and Alley are now on grain free canned Wellness chicken and turkey and are doing extremely well - love the taste, and their poops don't stink! :thumbs up Plus Jake went from 17lbs to a healthy 12lbs!

June 6th, 2008, 06:51 PM
My cats and dogs get lots of variety. I used to think sticking to one type of food was better for the dogs, but with these 2 I've changed totally and they get a mixture of Natures Variety Instinct, Rabbit, Turkey&Duck and Chicken, dried and canned. Kirkland dry, Orjien dry, Wellness canned, Evangers canned, Wysong canned, Eagle Pack Holistic canned. Anything I like the ingredients on, that is grain free, I'll try it on them. They haven't had loose stools because of any of them. The variety keeps them eager to see what's for dinner. :laughing:
The only thing that seems to bother them and give them the loose stools is too many treats, or the wrong kind of treats. Anything high in fat like pig ears will do it for sure.
The cats get the same variety as the dogs, and made by a lot of the same companies.


June 6th, 2008, 06:58 PM
Hi there!
I'm guilty of feeding IAMS for years then discovered my dogs deserved much better than that.
For the past 2 1/2 years my pups have tried Wellness Super 5 Mix Lamb, & Chicken, Core. They've also had Orijen, Go! Natural Chicken, Fruit, & Veggie, Go! Salmon. They've also tried raw and did extremely well on but we're on a budget for a bit. Oh and my allergy prone senior sammy has tried California Natural Herring & the Lamb. They both now get 1/4 cup canned California Natural Salmon or Lamb as a topper which they both really love.
I try not to overfeed them as the senior has tummy issues.

June 6th, 2008, 07:54 PM
It took a diagnosis of diabetes in my cat, Aztec, to make me start really looking at what pet food is all about. For most of his life, I'd been feeding him and his brother, Egypt, dry Science Diet Light:yuck: as suggested by their vet. They weren't even fat at the time (Egypt did eventually became obese as a result). Within a few months, Egypt ended up seriously blocked with urinary crystals and needed emergency PU surgery. A year after that, he developed Hepatic Lipidosis and had to have a feeding tube for 3 months. And stupid me never made the connection to the crappy food I was giving them. When Aztec became diabetic 5 years ago, I had internet access and began researching like crazy. Imagine my horror when I realized that the thousands of dollars I'd spent in vet bills (not to mention the tragic ill-health of my boys) could have been avoided with a species-appropriate diet.

And then I had to try to convert 2 thoroughly kibble-addicted cats over to better food. Kinda like telling a kid that they have to give up their lifetime consumption of Twinkies in favour of broccoli. Add in the complication of an anorexic and very sick diabetic, and it was an extremely slow process. One that came too late for Egypt, who developed severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease at the age of 11 and died a month later. The Science Diet was out of the picture at this point (he'd been eating mostly Wellness dry), but the damage had been done. If I could sue Hill's, I would.

Sooooo, fast forward to today and Aztec is doing really great on wet food only. Still diabetic, but on a very low dose of insulin. He gets a constantly rotating smorgasbord of grain-free Wellness for breakfast and either raw (Nature's Variety or Red Dog Blue Kat ( or By Nature Organics, Innova Evo 95%, Nature's Variety Instinct, etc for dinner and weekends. I'd love to make my own raw, but my husband and I are both vegetarians and he would freak if I started grinding up small animals in the kitchen.

So ya, that's my story, and perhaps a little insight into my obsession with feline nutrition. :D

June 20th, 2008, 06:10 PM
We are currently feeding our 5 cats a combination of Evo dry, Wysong Nurture with Free Range Pheasant, Evo canned, Evangers canned and the occasional patty of raw from Urban Carnivore.

Our dog eats pretty much the same various cat foods - along with table scraps. Cleo is much the same size as our boys and I swear she thinks she is just cat that looks a little funny.

We had fed various foods in the past ranging from Nutrience to Science Diet and Hills urinary diet .. We believe that our cat Fozzy disliked the Hills so much that he literally quit eating the stuff to the point of major weight loss and would not eat anything at all. Fortunately, a new pet food store opened in our city, we checked them out, brought home a couple tins of Evo canned and dry to dry with the promise of getting back to the store with feedback on Fozz's reaction. The first tin of Evo was put on the plate, he dove in without hesitation. Within a month he was well on the road to being better than ever.

We are fortunate to have a pet food store - MetroPet Market - The goal of Kurt and his few staff, is to educate and provide only the best foods available. They are firm believers in raw and canned diets, for those of us who also feed kibble, to provide the best they can find.

Bill, Terri and the kids
Foster, Fozzy, Teddy, Cabot, Loudmouth and Cleo

June 20th, 2008, 06:46 PM
We feed Molly Wellness. Since she was so underweight when we got her, we started her out on the Wellness Super 5 Puppy, and have recently made the switch to Super 5 Adult. Her poop was runny during the transition, but I think that is to be expected. Her coat looks a million times better now and she has filled out so nicely. Really happy with Wellness, and by the looks of it, so are a lot of others here!

June 20th, 2008, 07:33 PM
We originally started Jermy on Solid Gold Wolfking but we had problems with gas and soft poops and then someone on this form advised that it may be due to the bison in that food. We switched him to a chicken and turkey based food and no more farts or soft poops :highfive: Currently he eats Canidae with added home cooked chicken or salmon and topped with Merrick's canned. He also gets fresh fruits and veggies.

Monkey was originally on Science Diet kibble- the dental variety, as per my vets advise :yuck:. He had crystals and a UTI at some point but we didnt make the connection. My father in law urged me to check out and other pet sites and i was absolutely horrified to find out what i was feeding to my baby. Monkey now eats canned grain-free Wellness, both the chicken and turkey varieties. Occasionaly he gets the Canned Nature's Variety Instinct - Duck.

June 20th, 2008, 07:38 PM
Butterscotch (cat) gets an AM feeding of Wellness Indoor Cat kibble, and a PM feeding of either 1 sm tin of Fancy Feast (gluten-free varieties), or 1 sm tin of Wellness (grain-free varieties).

Pugsley (dog) we're having some issues with right at the moment, he was eating Wellness Core kibble without any issues, but we got a freebie bag of Wellness Ocean Core kibble and he spent a full week with diarreah before we figured out it was the food :( We got a few days worth of Orijen from a friend of mine to tide us over until payday, and he's doing fine on it - but our walkable pet store doesn't carry Orijen OR Wellness Core, so I picked up a bag of Candiae for him - hope it does okay on it.

June 20th, 2008, 08:38 PM
We were feeding him Canadie and he started he was doing good on it.then he won a bag of Orijin and had a bad allergy to it in the first week.back on Canadie start licking his paws real bad his ears got he's on Natures Variety Pairie and is doing the samething with going at his paws and bad ears.all started after the week on Orijin.

June 20th, 2008, 09:17 PM
thanks for all the replies guys and gals:) since i have all three animals with different issues, one with heavy duty allergies and one with lighter i am constantly researching and wanting to know what is best. of course every animal is different.

i have thought eventually of moving osa over to a grain free, she is on california natural now, but then read that potato can promote more yeast than rice.. so for now just taking it day by day and being careful as i also wouldnt want one with too many protein sources.

also thought of trying a fish type for riker, his allergies are light and have gotten even lighter, to almost non existent but still has the odd soft poop thing, grain free definitely is an improvement for him though it seems. knock wood pantera is doing well on the wellness, i get her bloodtests done in a week so i will know for sure.

June 20th, 2008, 10:17 PM
mine are on chicken soup for the cats soul dry and wet!....

June 20th, 2008, 10:47 PM
My cats have always been IAMS and Fancy Feast kitties...all have lived to ripe old ages. Having said that, Mooki is on MediCal Gastro (a food from the vet) the past month for her "issues". She LOVES it! It is small and easy to chew...seems to produce less stomach acid and like IAMS, produces un-offensive output ;) Mooki still gets Fancy Feast for wet and Temptations for her pleasure :D