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I suspect my cat ate a stick.

June 3rd, 2008, 09:17 PM
Edit: Nevermind, had to take him to the vets. Had to get him antibiotics and an antacid so he stops puking. His tonsils are swollen and he got a bit of an infection from it ripping up the inside of his mouth. Doctor didn't feel any blockage anywhere so he likely already threw it all up. And I thought cats were the smart ones.......

I usually keep all my questions too one board, but this is in no way related to my kitten problem.

Stupid dumb dumb Buddy must have eaten a stick. He is my ONLY cat that is an inside outside cat and it wasn't by choice. He was born outside and never grew out of his stray cat side. So we do what we can to keep him safe. Reflective collar, tags, microchipped, checking on him every once and a while etc.

But him and his brother are both complete idiots.

Right so, he usually chews on this one particular branch, and I suspect he bit down to hard and ate a stick. Starting since yesterday he keeps coughing and he threw up a couple times (all over my rug of course:yuck:) and my dad SAYS he found a tiny piece of stick in his vomit. Yes, I made my dad clean up the cats vomit :D But my dad is not a very reliable source of information.

So basically, he's sitting a couple feet from me hacking and coughing, so of course that's going to be a vet trip. Is there anything I can do now? He poops outside so I have no idea of if he's passed any of whatever he keeps choking on. He's eating and drinking otherwise and I just think he ate something from outside.

Do we get him xrayed? Or what? If it gets worse, how do I do like, CPR on him if he can't breath? I want to stress he is NOT in that bad of shape, more like coughing like he's got a frog in his throat. And no, there are no emergency clinics around here. And I personally do not think this is an emergency. He's breathing. If I open his mouth and see something, can I just get it out myself?