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New show: Made of honor

June 2nd, 2008, 02:08 PM
Oh. My. God.

I caught that show last night :yuck::yuck::yuck:

What in the hell has the world come to? The premise is that a bride to be has a bunch of friends/family and she cant decide who to choose to be made of honor cuz theyre all so special so she has a contest of sorts.

Last night's episode this woman had her sister, a few childhood friends and some newer friends. First part of the contest was to answer questions about her, like who her first date was at prom? Who her fantasy guy was? etc etc...ugh. Person who got least right "im sorry, u will not be my made of honor" and she's cut.

2nd round they had to go choose bridesmaid ensembles and the person who had the worst taste got kicked out. Her sister was almost kicked out because she chose a dress that was long and the bride didnt want anyone to outshine her :rolleyes:

3rd round they had to make a cake and frost it...worst one kicked out

But the real Icing on the cake was the last round with her sister and childhood best friend left. they had to do a freaking lie detector test!!!!!!! She asked questions like "did u ever flirt with my fiance" ( her sister said no, lied) Did u ever borrow my clothes without asking (best friend said no, lied)? Do u think me and so and so will be married forever (best friend said no and it wasnt a lie)

The girl's best friend ended up in tears cuz of the whole process and her sister looked might pissed. In the end she chose her sister "cuz theyre sisters" ummmm couldnt u do that without all this crap?????

SERIOUSLY..a lie detector test? Man I so would have told her to bugger off and I didnt want to be her made of honor.

June 2nd, 2008, 04:07 PM
I was watching that wedding marathon yesterday on TLC too (it's funny the stuff you'll watch when you're getting married and there's nothing on on a Sunday), but when it got to Made of Honor, I turned the channel after about 30 seconds..

It reminded me of that show "You want to date my Dad?" (in fact, I'm almost positive it's the same producers).. They made the potential 'mom's run through hoops the same way, and wrapped things up with the lovely lie detector test.. I thought it was ridiculous then - but it seems even worse for someone's Maid of Honor - If I was one of the contenders, I would have told her where to shove that title! :loser:

June 2nd, 2008, 04:18 PM
What a nutjob !

As if planning a wedding isn't stressful enough, why upset and alienate everyone who could possibly be involved and be standing up to SUPPORT you ?