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Dog Started Urinating

May 30th, 2008, 12:03 PM
I have a rottie/shephard cross, approximately seven years old. She's always been very good about not going to the bathroom in the house, but for the past few weeks, she has starting peeing in the living room.

She goes out in the morning around 7am, then again around 2pm in the afternoon. She used to be fine until her next walk at 7pm, but now she's started peeing inbetween her morning and afternoon walks.

My family isn't sure if it's a possible bladder infection or what. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I'd appreciate it.

We are planning on taking her to the vet, but she doesn't deal well with people or animals that aren't immediate family, so finding a vet that can look her is a little difficult.

May 30th, 2008, 01:39 PM
She definitely needs to see a vet for any dramatic changes in behaviour, it's a sign that she's unwell (or upset about something in her environment?). It could be a urinary infection and if so, it's easily taken care of. There are other possibilities as well but don't panic.
But please take her in. Vets are experienced at dealing with nervous animals (and owners:)) so don't worry about that part. If you want, you could phone ahead and explain the situation so they know the score.
Let us know what happened eh.

June 2nd, 2008, 06:27 PM
Do go see a vet and in the meantime, try to increase her potty breaks. If you are worried about her at a Vet's office, they are very familiar with how to handle fearful dogs, if its biting that worries you, bring a muzzle with you just in case.

Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!