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I Did It!!

May 26th, 2008, 06:35 PM
Today me and my friend Julie along with my brother drove to Bailey's (the lady that owns Kena and Tiku who were part of my racing team this past year) for me to finally get that tatoo of OC I've been longing for!!! :D Bailey did a FANTASTIC job! I'm soooo happy!!!!! Thanks again!

We took this pic...

+ this pic (of Lady RIP)

and this pic (of Ronan)

to get....

May 26th, 2008, 06:35 PM

before adding the shading and colour...

the final product!!!!!!

And a Cricket pic just cause he's adorable!

May 26th, 2008, 06:39 PM
now i wanna see a pic in 6 weeks when its all healed up!!! wow what a beautiful tattoo!!


May 26th, 2008, 07:48 PM
Ooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhh, amazing Tatoo (and such a cute Cricket too :thumbs up)

May 26th, 2008, 09:48 PM
Looks like they did a fantastic job!:thumbs up Is it your first tattoo?

I've been wanting to get the kitties put into my back piece for years, but I have to get just the right photos....

May 26th, 2008, 09:49 PM
W4R, I will for sure take more pics when it is all healed up! I was just so excited I wasnted to share now LOL

krdahmer, yes it is my first one, but I hear they are addictive ;)

May 27th, 2008, 12:04 AM
Looks great OC :thumbs up Love the running Lady & Ronan

May 27th, 2008, 01:33 AM

How in the world did you sit through all that?

It looks nice. But no way I'd ever go through that, unless under anesthesia.


May 27th, 2008, 09:27 AM
What a great tattoo and some great work too. They really are addictive. I have one I did several years ago and I've been itching to get another, and of my babies too. But I also have to get just the right picture of all of them.

I'm looking forward to the healed up shot.

May 27th, 2008, 08:01 PM
LOL it only took 2hrs which is pretty fast considering all the detail involved. My tattoo artist is great though, she is very swift at tattooing without compromising quality at all. She's amazing! She also had Hot Rod playing for part of the time then my brother switched it to a Comedian Act so that helped pass the time and take my mind off it too. Another thing that helped too is Bailey could sense when I started tensing up a bit because it was starting to burn so she'd just start asking random questions to keep a conversation going between us which would also take my mind off the pain (it does help that we've known eachother a while and share a common interest of course! LOL)


How in the world did you sit through all that?

It looks nice. But no way I'd ever go through that, unless under anesthesia.


May 27th, 2008, 08:04 PM after 11 myself I can attest to the addictive nature of tattoos!:rolleyes: ;)

May 27th, 2008, 08:16 PM
Okay, see now you have to show us all your tats. I should get a picture of mine. We can do a thread just for them.:D

May 28th, 2008, 07:52 AM
What a great idea for a tatoo!! Very nice.

May 28th, 2008, 09:03 AM
Beautiful tattoo :thumbs up Ethel wants to get one of Iggy, but I'm talking her out of it right now, she is still young and I don't want her to regret it when she is older. Right now she has two, one being paw prints running up her ankle, she's had it 3 years and is now ho-humming that she wishes it was done differently.

Would love to see yours when it is healed.

May 28th, 2008, 09:37 AM
I found the photos of the Cannington races, Ethel didn't get many good ones, I think that these might be of your guys, I try to distinguish facial features :sad:



May 28th, 2008, 08:17 PM
Chris, awesome! Those are indeed my fuzzbutts! Thanks!!! :D

May 29th, 2008, 09:42 AM
There's more I can post if you want, she has one of the BC team and other random ones. Just let me know. Glad I was able to identify your guys.

May 29th, 2008, 06:07 PM
Ya for sure I would love to see all of them!

Gail P
May 30th, 2008, 11:48 PM
The tatoo is amazing! I'm not into them myself, but still, it looks really neat. And Cricket is adorable. Can't wait to see her next winter at the races.

May 31st, 2008, 06:22 AM
OC,that is a beautiful Tatoo,very well done,that lady is quiet the artist:thumbs up
One of my sons has an addiction to Tatoos,it's been a year now,since he had a new one,so maybe he is over it.
Little Cricket is adorable:lovestruck: