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HELP my pom going bald FAST read other posts not same issue

May 25th, 2008, 09:06 AM
Help I have an 11 yr old Pomeranian. :lovestruck:He has epilepsy but other than that has always had good health. He is happy and energetic still. Lately he seems a little blue every once in awhile. And every once in awhile he gets very leechy and cuddly. ( not a bad thing but he has always been like a cat when it comes to affection)

I gave him a bath the other day. And after brushed him and was outside a couple of days later I noticed a small bald spot on his side. I panicked brought him inside and looked at him closely. It seemed there was a bite? Or an area he had scratched raw in one tiny area. I proceeded to put peroxide on him and an antibacterial ointment to heal wound faster so my baby wouldn't be uncomfortable.

Two days later the tiny wound is healed but his bald patch is growing wider and his nice beautiful black fur has an unsightly orange spot from the peroxide.I am keeping a close eye on him and as the spot gets progressively larger I see his skin.. It is white ( normal for him)

Can anyone tell me what this could possibly be?

Now he has gone through some major changes as of late so hard for me to narrow down to what it may be.. He has lost weight because he is old and hard food was hard for him. So I dabbled around with different foods that he could eat and not suffer out of his back end. ( dreadful with long haired dogs) I also gave him a bath recently and my shamppoo and conditioner was near his shampoo and conditioner. So I used his shampoo my conditioner.... We are also in Texas last two years and there are bugs here. I was thinking he may have gotten a spider bite. They are horrible and hard to get rid of in this house. No matter what I do. He has lost his undercoat but seems as though he actually losing his long coat too. It is a big white bald patch.. about 3 inches in diameter.

So could it be vitamin deficiency from losing weight, could it be an allergy to a food I gave him and vitamin deficiency from wrong foods? I know I went through major drama and was very depressed a couple months ago and my dog was miserable along side me. I felt so guilty he loved me so much he was depressed with me. ( but he shouldn't go bald after all is well this far after) Could it be he was terribly allergic to my conditioner and my being in a hurry to get job done not paying attention to what I was doing with conditioner be the issue? I know it is the season for him to lose his undercoat, but never to this extreme since we have been here. Also he has orange dandruff. Yes Orange even by his neck. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I am very worried. Yet cannot get to a vet until payday. But I cannot have a hairless Pomeranian. LOL Plus he would be so self conscious. Any input would be appreciated.

Oh yes he has been itchy around his ears since bath. I got water in his ears though. But not obsessive itching anywhere by all means..

Dr Lee
May 25th, 2008, 05:06 PM
If I am understanding your post correctly, there is one area of focal hair loss. This area had a smaller area of redness inside and the hair loss got slightly larger. This might be consistent with an arthropod bite (spider or insect). They can inject venom which not only causes focal redness but will have a circular spread of hair loss. Bacterial and fungal (i.e. ringworm) can also have similar patterns. If the hair loss is multifocal or becomes diffuse (basically if it is seen in other parts of the body) then more systemic problems are considered such as endocrine, metabolic, allergic etc....

With the weight loss in the older pet. Has he been evaluated by your veterinarian lately? Routine yearly blood work? If these have not been done within the last six months, then this would be beneficial.

Good luck. :pawprint:

May 26th, 2008, 12:30 AM
Hey thank you for the input.. The spider bite is what I am thinking. Unfortunately I can't get him to doc until 1st:( We are traveling to another country and have to go there anyway( paper work proving clean bill of health) I guess just sooner than anticipated.

I am continuing with antibiotic/ antiseptic creme to keep that area clean and help sooth him in case spider bite. He did seem a little tender there in beginning but not anymore. I did not realize a bite could make an animal go bald. My poor baby.