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Is that really necessary?

May 24th, 2008, 11:16 AM

I was talking to a colleague of mine about cats when she mentionned that she wanted to have hers shaved. She's a long haired cat, and the poor dear looks more like a sack of knots.

Here's what bothers me though: apparantly it is common practice to anesthetize the cat in order to shave it. Sure, I understand these people don't want to get scratched or bitten, but doesn't anesthesia carry certain risks?

I was a little upset by that, I'll admit, especially since that cat is going to be mine soon.

I offered to do it myself, but the current owner is quite adamant about having it done.

Any suggestions?

May 24th, 2008, 11:43 AM
A good professional groomer should be able to do it without anesthesia (unless this cat goes into serious freak-out mode). You might have to shop around for someone well-versed in the ways of cat. Does your colleague already have someone that does it for him/her, or does s/he take it to the vet?

May 24th, 2008, 01:42 PM
She's been shopping around, and so far everyone tells her that the cat must be asleep.

She asked the vet, but he was asking 215$ for it! :eek:

Apparently, it's done regardless of the cat's temper. And this cat is very mild mannered, not to mention declawed! And she's not a biter either.

It's just quicker to anesthetize the cat and shave it (no fidgeting). It bothers me that it's done for convenience. And Mimi is a fat cat, so they have to up the dosage for her.

I just don't like the idea of using a sedative for a simple shave! I'll do it myself, even if I have to do it over a whole week!

May 24th, 2008, 03:19 PM
If the cat is going to be yours then isn't there any way you can convince the owner to just let you take care of it? It's unfortunate the cat has to be shaved because if her owner brushed her more often then she wouldn't be matted and in need of being shaved.

The last time I took Czarina in I had them bathe her. They had me sign a waiver in case they needed to anesthetize her. I didn't want to sign it, but the girl at the front told me not to worry, they bathed her the first time I took her in and she was very calm and they didn't give her any kind of a sedative. I signed theh waiver and when I picked her up they told me no sedative was used. So apparently whether they be vets or groomers they want to prevent any crazy kitty's.

There has to be a place that specializes in cats. Are there any cat boarding places in your area? Maybe they can give you an idea.

May 24th, 2008, 09:40 PM
About 1/2 by customers are cats and some are very well behaved, others not. A mild seditive from the vet is usually enough to calm the really scared, aggressive ones. Very rarely does a cat need a complete shave, usually only newly adopted strays who have lived without a brushing or comb-out most of their lives or really negligent owners. With an assistant to hold the cat and certain tools that safely de-mat any cat can be made comfortable and esthetically pleasing without the necessity of becoming bald.

May 24th, 2008, 09:59 PM
I am a pet groomer and shave about 10 cats per week and not one of them is anesthesized! I think it is crazy to put a cat under just to give it a haircut! Tell your friend to come and see me, I am just about 2 hours away from Gatineau, lol!

May 24th, 2008, 10:36 PM
Susieqt--exactly!!! I couldn't believe this. Used to groom years ago--we shaved many many cats and none were sedated at all!! How strange--and hard on the cat!!

May 25th, 2008, 12:10 AM
I had a cat years ago that used to get a lot of fur balls. One day I thought it would be a good idea to trim her fur in a few places for her benefit. Course that didn't look too good so I got out the electric hair clipper. This cat liked to be brushed hard so I figured it was worth a try. I think she just thought I was brushing her and loved getting shaved. I never shaved her belly or legs, just the fur on her body. She loved getting petted afterwards cuz I think she could feel it more as she was quite long haired.

Her brother was very similar but never got any fur balls so I didn't even attempt to shave him. I think he'd have freaked out.

For years I shaved her and had no problems. As a matter of fact, I had to put her down at 17 years old, 4 years ago and I still have the fur from her last clipping. :lovestruck: