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Old Dog Accidents...

May 24th, 2008, 01:10 AM
I have a small dog named Pikachu.
She's half pug and half pekingese.

Granted it has been warming up, lately she has been drinking WAY more water than I have ever seen her in all the time we have had her (about 6 years now), and it gets way hotter in this area. Even during the hottest days here ( it can get up to 120 sometimes), She drinks about half a gallon of water a week. Thats normally all she drinks. Currently the avg temp is maybe 90 on a bad day... but she's going through half a gallon of water every two days. Mind you she's not outside in the heat. She's in the house with me under the freezing Air Conditioning usually under a blanket with me trying to keep warm. Lol.

In addition to the extra water, recently we have begun to have house training problems. She is by no means a puppy. We think she's 10-12 years old. She has a dog door and is very capable of using it. At night she stays in one room with me and in the morning she zooms out right to the dog door to use the potty she has been holding for most of the night. So we can't figure out why suddenly, in the last year or so, she's started using the bathroom IN THE HOUSE!
WE have tried sprays, rubbing her nose it it, cleaning the carpets with vinegar and every other trick in the book. But to no avail. She still goes outside to potty, but it seems every week I "find" (aka step in) a little wet spot she's left behind!

She seems happy. She's well fed and get her own exercise by chasing the animals in the backyard around, squirrels, birds, cats, the dog next door until she's out of breath. She is very well loved.

She is the only animal we own, so I don't think its about territory... but for the life of me I don't know what it is! Can anyone help!

Why is she suddenly drinking so much water?
Why is she peeing in my house?
Is she just old?

Thanks folks!

Dr Lee
May 24th, 2008, 01:29 AM
Any increase in water consumption and/or increased urine production (which can account for accidents in the house) are suggestive of a PU/PD state. PU/PD stands for polyuria and polydipsia, which in English means increased water consumption and increased urine production. There are approximately 12 different causes for these. It is important to find out if this is occurring with your pet. Most all of these problems can or will progress to something more serious.

First step may be something as simple as a urine analysis. The urine made first in the morning is most helpful as it is sample which has the best chance of being concentrated. If PU/PD is present, then the body is not able to concentrate the urine so this one test could possible rule out all 12 diseases! The urine test can also look for bladder infections which could also account for the accidents in the house.

If the urine is not being concentrated, then follow up blood testing will likely be recommended. I would talk to your veterinarian. She or he might recommend to perform both at once, or perhaps none. Bottom line, with what you describe, a trip to the veterinarian is important.

Good luck. :pawprint:

May 24th, 2008, 01:52 AM
WE have tried sprays, rubbing her nose it it, cleaning the carpets with vinegar and every other trick in the book. !

Stop rubbing her nose in it. That is just plain abuse especially for this older lady.

A vet check is in order. Please let us now what the vet says. Good luck.