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Mister Update

May 22nd, 2008, 09:37 PM
ok.... ive been SOOOOOO slack on my updates...

Mister has been doing great. we have been working on leash training to undo all the bad habits we taught him when were... dumber dog owners than we are now. we had the issues with the neighbor that prevented us from leash walking him (cause we were inciting her dogs to bark at us). we are finally (thats an update all on its own!!) on speaking terms now although we skirt the subject of OUR dogs and their potential issues all together. her dogs dont bark, mine doesnt 'incite' them by existing, all is well. we will start walking him farther down the road some time this summer.

he is having *no* allergy issues beign fed raw and Evo.

his thunderstorm fears have almost completely worked themselves out. we ahve had weekly thunderstorms for a few months now. by the time we dry up in the summer i have a thunderstorm CD i can play to keep him use to it. i dont want to make it sound like he is perfectly fine though. he still gets very nervous, panting and drooling but eventually he quiets down and sleeps.maybe 15 minutes into it?? before he would be an emotional wreck for a few hours.

we are in the works of planning a fence for the yard. his current yard is a lopsided 1/5 acre which is just *not* enough for him. we are hoping to have a full acre fenced in for him by the end of it.

we had a few barking 'issues'... and i say 'issues' meaning he just didnt know when was a good time and when wasnt. up until a few days ago i thought he had it down- someone comes into the yard, on foot, on car.... BARK!!! door bells, BARK!! knocking, BARK!!! neighborhood dogs bark, ssssh. people walking to the mail box... shhh. Jeffrey thumping in his crib, shhhh. WE-ELL he has decided its *really* amazing that he can make me come out of the shower with a single alarming bark!!! the first 3 times he barked me out of the shower i dutifully checked the front/back yard for intruders. this last time (dang it) he got a good scolding and finger shaking. :rolleyes:

we have not had a re-occurrence of the super-crazy-freaked-out alarmed barking although he does have it out for the tree guy. i was on the back porch when he showed up in the back yard startling me.

its spring time here and the bugs are out in full force!! Mister has turned out to be a grand bug hunter!!! and he brings them to me!! YAY!! :yuck: then he eats them... thankfully.

currently he is jingling the door handle to let us know he is hungry. every night we do this... he is too impatient to wait for the cats to get done so he pesters and pesters the door handle (cause thats how he tells us he wants soemthing.... we gotta guess what it is LOL!!). when its something we cant change (liek makign the cats eat faster?!!? yeah right!) we just ignore him... eventually he stops and looks at me with these totally forlorn eyes.

we got that economic stimulus package right?? i asked Chris if i could keep mine to spend on things we wouldnt normally splurge on. after buying myself my 3rd and 4th pair of jeans (been running on 2 pair of jeans for 4 years now *sheepish*) and a pair of 'real shoes' i bought a dual head shower head for the tub. oh. my. gosh. does Mister love that thing. he can get rained on AND sprayed AT THE SAME TIME!! now i will admit i didnt get it for him.... but he is getting weekly wet downs now that the weather is nice. no soap, just water.

he is doing *really* well with 'leave its' and 'bring it heres' (those two were really tough for him!!!). he barks on command, barks a bunch on command and will hush if i ask him to. he also has a wussy bark he does on command. its more of a chuffing or grumbling.

we were working on having him out at night, kenneling less in general but he would wiggle a bunch at night, whimper and bark, grumble in his sleep or try to sneak up stairs in the kids rooms so we went back to kenneling him at night. kinda bummed he wont be sleeping at our feet but i think its for the best. i tried, for several months, to leave him out of his kennel when we leave the house for under an hour but that left him feeling awkward. he never did anything wrong while we were gone but he always looked like he did when we got back. i think he is just a habit driven dog. things are a certain way and they need to stay that way. thankfully we never leave for extended lengths of time. 2 hours TOPS!! and thats really unusual. school board/booster meetings sometimes run an hour and half.

he is getting a little thick around the hips area but not so much that the vet even commented. i had to ASK him if he was looking chunks. :)

my dog loves the vacuum. he loves BEING vacuumed. he follows me around when i have it out and practically begs to be vacuumed. 'vacuum love' is a serious sickness in our house. for some reason my son is OBSESSED with them too. *sigh* i dont know what im going to do with these two. Mister at times seems to barely tolerate Jeffrey... other times he wants to play. he has started to half heartedly challenge Jeffreys 'status in the pack' by tugging on his diaper or pants cuff. :rolleyes:

he and Frances have this sort of 'love hate' thing going on. if he even so much as LOOKS at her she hisses and spits at him... even still. 4-5 times a day i hear her hissing and spitting at him!! he was laying at the foot of our bed today and Frances came in to sit next to Chris, took a leap off the floor onto the bed, hissing at Mister the whole time!!! i didnt know hissing and jumping at the sametime was possible!!! apparently it is and she is very good at it... BUT.... when he is sleeping she will sniff him and if he doesnt move she will lick his ears or sleep right above his head.

what strange creatures.

Hunter just ignores him for the most part. tolerates his intrusions (ie Hunter is only something to nose around when on moms lap). Baby Girl and Shadow only show him attention when he invades their personal bubbles. im happy to know though that he is getting along with 2of our 4 cats.

anyways, im just rambling at this point. :) i plan on sitting down and troubleshooting our issues with the photo editor this weekend. hopefully i will be able to get some of the better ones from the last month or so up.


May 22nd, 2008, 09:37 PM
holy crap thats long!!


May 23rd, 2008, 01:06 AM
Sounds like things are getting much better/easier with Mister :thumbs up good job

Got any Mister tugging on a diaper pics :laughing:

May 23rd, 2008, 06:09 AM
Long is good when it's an interesting story. :D I love reading the adventures of Mister and feline housemates. It's always good for a chuckle.
Thanks for sharing. Now we need those pics. please