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Catswell & Dogswell

May 21st, 2008, 10:58 PM
I was wondering if anyone else on here buys this brand. I really like these treats because they are actual TREATS and not a ton of junk and byproducts like most stuff is. I give my cats the Catswell ones daily as they have vitamins and good stuff in them.

They LOVE the Vitakitty ones though.

I think I saw on the package they are made in CHINA though, which scares me , but they seem to be a responsible company.

"How does DOGSWELLŽ and CATSWELLŽ guarantee the safety of their treats?
(A) The DOGSWELLŽ facility is designed to prevent cross-contamination. It meets the highest and most strict sanitary conditions to ensure raw meat and raw juices or contaminants do not come into contact with cooked meat at any time during the cooking or packaging process, thus, eliminating the possibility of any type of salmonella infection.
(B) DOGSWELLŽ and CATSWELLŽ products DO NOT contain ANY wheat or wheat gluten. In addition, the pure jerky treats DO NOT contain fillers. The only thing DOGSWELLŽ adds to the all-natural meat treats are vitamins and supplements. All treats contain NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO byproducts, NO corn, NO flour, NO wheat, NO added salt, NO added sugar, NO artificial colors or flavors and NO BHA or BHT.
(C) Our products DO NOT contain melamine or rice protein concentrate; we have verified this through our independent, third-party FDA approved U.S. laboratory. "

What do you guys think? If you've never heard of them before, I hope you give them a try. I really like them and haven't seen or heard anything bad about them. They even sent me out some free samples of the Breathies for cats when I called them with a question.