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Basset's Ears full of Black and Clear discharge/Nausea HELP!!! mixed information

May 21st, 2008, 10:25 AM
Hello HELP!!!,

if someone could help me it would be GREATLY appreciated. So Basset hound has a problem with his ears. A little History: he has always had black DRY discharge coming from his ears in minimal amounts, which I would clean very easily about once per day with no discomfort to the dog. This past november, he began to have more, black and clear/brownish discharge, from his ears that is very WET and slimy and needs to be cleaned multiple times per day (when you move the ear around it makes a squishy noise). The cleaning is very painful as he usually whines when I clean them AND sometimes I can see blood on the tissue I clean them with; he shakes his head many times perday and sometimes scratches them. Even touching them on the outside of the ear firmly makes him wine. I In addition, he has had nausea about 1 time per week since this has occured. I took him to a vet for a regular check up in september for a vaccination while my regualr vet was away. (this was before the wet ears). She told me that the black stuff in his ears was yeast buildup that was caused by his floopy ears by not being exposed to much air, and not to worry. When the wet ear happend, I waited for a little while as I called my regular holistic vet and he said that it was normal and if it occurred for another couple months to bring him in. While In febuary the problem had not gone away so I brought him to the vet. The vet told me it was not an infection, but a natural process from his sebacous glands that happens to many dogs all the time. He then began to blame the food and treats that I was giving him. ( i give him an all natural, holistic, organic food, and treats as well that he has been eating since a puppy with no problems). He told me that the ears were trying to drain the toxins in his body, and that he has a problem with his liver. SOOOOO the doctor percribed a homeopathic anti inflamatiory ear ointment, and a homepopathic liver treatment that was to be taken for 2 months and he would be better. It is may, and he is still not better, the situation is the same. I even brought him back last month and the doctor said the same thing and percribed the same stuff as before. NOW, i dont know who to believe, is it yeast, or sebecous glands, or a weak liver. I have many people saying yeast infection, but some sebecous gland fluids. I am a full believe in natural treatments/homeopathy/herbs for dogs, but i am getting conflicted advice and dont know what to do now, and i DONT want to spend another 100 dollars to see my vet for the same meds as he believes that the dog will get rid of it on his own (which is not an ear infection) and is a cause of a weak liver. On the other hand, people tell me that ear infections are deadly and if left untreated can harm a dog greatly, but is it a yeast infection or sebecous gland fluid... if anyone, an owner, vet, or someone can please help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. I have done much research on this and have encountered conflicting views about this... PLEASE HELP, my dog may be suffering

May 21st, 2008, 10:33 AM
I have owned Basset's for 30 years and I don't concur that it is normal. They are prone to ear infections, I would go and visit another Vet and in the meantime use some antibiotic ear drops. IMO