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Need to convert 45 gallon fish tank into snake tank

May 18th, 2008, 10:09 PM
Fish suck I'm tired of them. They always die.

I want to convert my 45 gallon fish tank into a snake tank. Can I pay someone to do this for me?? Basically the tank is fine, but the top is of course not snake proof. I need it to be snake proofed with a new lid and make it secure etc. I'm leaning towards a ball python.

I have experience with snakes, don't worry. Had my other one for 3 or 4 years. Parents bought live mice though, instead of frozen. Long story short, a mouse killed my snake.

Going to adopt a homeless one if possible.

That's the fish tank. This picture was taken in October but the fish tank hasn' t changed.

I only have 3 fish in there. A placo, a guppy and I think it's an angel fish or whatever. I'm downgrading to a small tank (probably 10 gallons or so) and putting those ones in the new tank and sticking to just having guppies from now on. Everything else always end up killing themselves somehow and it's ridiculous and expensive.

Okay, open to any suggestions. I hope there's just a way I can pay someone to do this for me!

May 19th, 2008, 12:07 PM
sorry to sound snippy here but to start with- fish dont come to you wanting to die. whatever you are or arent doing with the tank is killing your fish. only you have responsibility for that since they can not feed themselves, pick out their food, perform water changes and clean their own gravel.

i strongly suggest flipping through to find out how you are killing your fish. if you dont feel like it, please find them a new home. you woudl have to chop your angel in half in order to fit her in a 10g tank. your pleco should *never ever* be housed in anything less than a 55g considering how large they get.

here is a site that talks about adequate housing fora ball python-

although i feel her minimum tank suggestions to be lacking. a 20gL is far too small for anything but a transitional tank to only be used before adult lengths are reached.

like children, this is a living creature. unlike children, they have no words to communicate to you discomfort, hunger or other basic needs like heat. please please do not stop with the site i gave you. research throughly before committing a creature to your care.


May 19th, 2008, 12:25 PM
Yeah, I'm a bad fish owner. So rather then trying to keep up with the fish hobby, I'd rather deal with snakes. I'm reading threw the links you sent me. Thank you. I used to have amazingly fantastic luck with fish. I had a carnival goldfish that lived for 3+ years, grew to 6 inches in length and weighed over a pound. All my fish used to live for atleast a year from purchase date. Now anytime I put fish in there they eat each other or get stuck to the stupid filter. Me and my mom are always like ARGHHH not again what is going on here!

Also, the angel fish might not be it's proper name. It's like, 3/4 of an inch tall and half an inch long. Is that still too big for a smaller tank?

I'm happy to rehome. I just mainly want guppies. They are colourful and don't eat each other >_<

I suck at dealing with that big fish tank. We've already replaced the water a few months back.

We moved 2 years ago and had to take the whole tank apart and put the fish in buckets & bags. I guess that's why. Everything went wrong after that.

And the items in the tank are just worn down. The cost of replacing all the fish, testing the water, doing treatments, replacing all the equipment and items in the tank would be so expensive.

And my placo is HUGEEE. I've had him for several years and he grew to about a foot long and probably weighs a pound or two, and yeah he need's to get a bigger home. I feel bad.

-slaps self for being a bad fish parent-

May 19th, 2008, 01:14 PM
oh poo, well at least you are aware youre a bad fish mommy!! im not sure what the 'angel fish' is... maybe a long fin danio?? youre guppies would do just fine in a 10g and that would be much easier to maintain in a weekly basis... of which is how often you should do water changes. having 6 guppies in a 10g shoudl get a 30-50% WC weekly!! also keep them at 2 females to every male to spread out the harassment.

check out this part of WWM for info on the good bacteria in your tank. once you get the hang of that, the rest comes easily-

i will hold to the fact that there isnt much in the fish world that water changes wont fix!!! maybe starvation.... water changes wont help that. anyways, do some serious water changes before finding new homes for your fish. the shock from starting out in foul water and moving to clean water can and likely will kill them.

i dont mean to rag you but typically poor care of one creature extends itself into poor care for others. please do some research on snakes before purchasing one. they are quite expensive to start out and require some patience as they are even less 'personal' than fish. perhaps a corn snake??

if you have a non chain fish store in the area, you should be able to take the pleco there and they can find him a nice home.


May 19th, 2008, 01:46 PM
I'm good with snakes, and I'm going to talk to both a specialty aquarium store around here and a speciality pet store.

Those people should be able to help me out with this situation.

My mom is tired of the fish tank too and she says we are wasting too much money on running the filter for 3 fish.

it looks like that fish in the middle picture... I googled freshwater angel fish. Except my fish is very very small. I guess it's body area is about equal to a quatar.

May 19th, 2008, 03:59 PM
I would get another tank for the with the fish tank and the bacteria wouldn't be good for the snake.when i had my snake i was told not to use a tank that was used for fish for that i bought a new one for the snake.

May 19th, 2008, 10:45 PM
I've always thought that most people keep fish and reptiles in tanks far too small. I would go at least 100gallons for a snake, regardless of the species. A python or boa, at least 250 and would make it as comfortable as possible for them. Hollowed out logs for them to curl up in if they want and tree limbs to climb on. Your mom may think that the filter costs a lot of money, but keeping a heat lamp on for a reptile isn't cheap either. Cleaning out a reptile tank is a lot more work than doing water changes and cleaning gravel in an aquarium too, so I would think long and hard about it before you get one.


May 21st, 2008, 11:12 PM
Is it acceptable for a pleco to live in a fish pond? Not a natural one, but my aunt has one of them plastic ones that are built into the ground and have the whole water fall thing going on. It came with the house and used to have some fish in it and some frogs and tadpoles.

I can do whatever to the water to make it suitable.

But it's a nice big pond thing, and theres some algae in there for him to eat.

If not I'll just ask the fish store to take him.

May 22nd, 2008, 07:42 AM
The pleco will be fine in the outdoor pond once the water gets up to 70 degrees, but it will not survive a New Jersey winter outside. It'll have to come inside for the winter. Pleco's are also bad news to goldfish or koi in ponds as they get bigger, goldies and koi tend to sleep on the pond bottom and pleco's have been known to munch on their slimecoats while they sleep.


May 22nd, 2008, 04:31 PM
If I can't find him a home right away he might be going in the pond for a bit. The ponds warm enough by now.

Theres currently no other fish in the pond at the moment. There used to be a bunch of these orange fish, but they eventually all died. They were there when my aunt moved in so they all died of old age. The tadpoles turned into froggies and hopped away.

I see people posting listings for fish on criagslist. Good idea or just better to try to sell the pleco back to the fish store?

I already got the smaller tank. Minibow 2.5

2 original fishies went in there and a couple other guppies so they weren't all lonely.

Talked to the people at the fish store and they said they sell the fitted screens to convert the fish tank, but I told them I have a bow tank and they didn't have screens for those ones. They said it's okay to take turn the fish tank into a snake tank though.