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firework problem and D.A.P question

May 17th, 2008, 10:41 PM
Hi there i have recently moved to Canada with my wife and dog, we have introduced my dog to 3 others in the house we are sharing with my brother inlaw, my dog and one of the dogs do not get on which is fine we just keep them separated, but tonight fireworks went off and their dog who is teffified of fireworks jumped the gate for somewhere to hide i guess, but my dog (who hates fireworks and was on edge allready) saw this as a threat to my wife went for the dog, they had a fight in which the only injured party was my wifes wrist, now our dog has a fair few issues mainly territorial probably from been in the rspca for so long, whilst looking for some help on the firework issue i came across the Dog Appeasing Pheromone, and this seems like the perfect solution because our dog also suffers from separation anxiety, has anybody used this DAP for any of these conditions? if so how were the results, also just to elaborate on the fireworks problem there dog is scared and my dog barks at them, any other ideas woruld be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance.