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Stolen/Missing Pekingese dog since 5/3/08

May 14th, 2008, 03:24 PM
Still searching...I won't give up until my baby is home back in my life.

My baby has been missing since Saturday 5/3/08 near the corner of Bushard and Bolsa in the cities between Westminster and Garden Grove. He is a little over 1 yr old Pekingese, about 15 lbs, with golden brown and white color. He has no tags on. Please help find him and bring him home.

If you've seen him, please call 714-478-8426. He is deeply missed!!! Thank you!

My story:
On Saturday 5/3/08, we were preparing to move to our new home. At approximately 11am, my brother decided to let him outside to get some fresh air. He was leashed by the trees, in view. We live upstairs. He was bringing down boxes to his truck. It was only 5 mins when he looked and saw my dog and the leash gone. We searched everywhere in our surrounding area. We don't see how he could have gotten loose and have strong thoughts that someone might have taking him. If he happen to have gotten loose then I hope whoever finds him has my contact information to return him to me. He could have been picked up near home but taken anywhere. Unfortunately he has no tags on. There is a big reward. If he was taken, I hope the reward will get the *******s to return him. I don't care, I want him back....I miss him soooooo much!!! Maybe someone will notice a neighbor with a new dog that looks like mine and call me...whatever it takes.

May 14th, 2008, 03:28 PM
I"m so sorry your pup is missing. I hope he returns. Maybe someone will find him and contact your local shelter or perhaps check with vets in the area. Never know, maybe someone has called there to see if someone who is a client owns such a dog. Good luck and I hope he is back to you soon.