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Vomiting after eating (Food too rich?)

May 12th, 2008, 10:19 AM
I am posting this here as well as in the Medical Section.
I just recently adopted a dog (Doberman X Standard Poodle Mix). I have been gradually switching him (over 3 weeks and only at half old food half new food) from Iams to Orijen. Recently, since I started adding more of the orijen and less of the Iams, he has been vomiting after eating. He eats and then vomits within one minute. At first I thought it may be due to the fact that I was feeding him within 20 minutes of a strenuous exercise. When I first brought him home and when he was predominantly on the Iams he didnt vomit after eating within 20 minutes of exercise. After he vomits, I fill his bowl and give him much less than I did before he vomited and he eats it fine and doesnt vomit. This is within minutes after vomiting. He also drinks water when we come in from exercise, but like i said he didnt have this issue when I was jsut feeding him Iams. Yesterday he vomited in the morning for the first time after eating. He also just came inside from exercising. The vomit is basically his food and the mucous from his stomach. He appears to be fine and I just had his wellness exam at the vets and he is healthy. I am wondering if I should try a less rich food with grains(was thinking Innova Adult - any opinions) I fed him Some canidae that I had left over with his Iams and Orijen this morning and he did fine. I tried waiting for longer after they exercise and fed him less last night and he seemed okay with the orijen, but I fed him a lot less.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Ford Girl
May 13th, 2008, 02:17 PM
My personal experience with Origen is that my dog had to go on it cold turkey, no mixing it with the old food. We mixed it for a week and made her very sick, the runs, vomitt, lethargic. Most foods should be transitioned. I called my vet, orijen and my trainer, all told me to not mix it, to feed straight after a day without kibble. It worked.

The next day she had 2 small meals of steam chicken, canned pumpkin and white rice (bland, easily digested foods), the next day Orijen, she was suppose to have 3 cups per day or the Origin but the first 2 days we did only 2 cups.

It is rich food, it's good quality ingredience, it takes the body a bit to adjust, and Kibble of any kind is hard to digest, takes about 15 hours per meal to digest kibble. So the day without the kibble helps empty them out. Over feeding of this food causes issues, beter to feed less then too much and adjust according to how his poops are. My dog no longer eats Orijen tho.

You want to be aware of Bloat, eating too close before or after exercise isn't good for them, especially barrel chested doggies.

My friends have a doby who has to eat before play, exercise, car ride or he vommits, they try to feed him about an hour beofre. My dog on the other hand does better if she eats after the play/walk/run.

My opinion of Innova Adult is that it's much more expensive, here anyways, and they don't have a buy 10 bags, get one free program. It's good food tho, my cat eats Innova. I recently had to take Dazy off Origen, she now eats Horizon Dog food, good stuff, less expensive then either Orijen or Innova, eats the same amount.

May 14th, 2008, 02:43 AM
You should never feed a dog right before or right after exercising. I would wait at least 1/2 hour after you exercise him especially since Dobermans are prone to bloat.

Feed at least an hour before exercise or a half hour after to prevent digestion-related problems like bloat and loose stools. For heavy exercise, allow more time before and after. Divide daily proportions into at least 2 feedings.

The above information is from this website....