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Adult dog snapping at Puppy

May 12th, 2008, 08:59 AM

We got a puppy Min Pin almost a month ago and he's almost 5 months old.
We also have a 5 year old Pomeranian living with us at home.

I know it's normal that the older dog feels threatened by the new pup and she generally avoids the puppy whenever he comes close. She will snap at him and growls when he jumps on her to play, and she'll run away. I read that it is normal behavior from older dogs toward pup, when the pup jumps on them, they find it annoying.

However last night, after long day at the park, both dogs were tired and the puppy gently approaches my Pomeranian, the pup's nose was about an inch away from her face, and she snapped at him, growling and showing her teeth.

Is this normal behavior? especially when the puppy was tired and just slowly nudge his head towards her? How can I make her accept the puppy?

May 12th, 2008, 07:30 PM
You cannot make the older dog accept the pup--but you can tell her it is unacceptable to be nasty to it. Your house--your rules. My older female RR tried to tell my younger male when he was a pup that he was unwanted and should leave the household. I made it clear that was not going to happen--I was the leader, and my rules were absolute. It took several months before the two of them could be left alone together and I knew she wouldn't bite him--but at the same time, he needed her to tell him what was acceptable, and I wouldn't separate them for long--just supervise--if she snapped and he yelped I snapped at her--she got it. She did draw a tiny bit of blood a couple of times--but he was big and brash and bold--and she had to set limits.

You have only had the new pup a short time-your Pom will learn to accept the pup as the pup learns manners--just give it time.

May 12th, 2008, 08:59 PM
This is quite a transition for your pom and how annoying for her to be pestered and jumped on by the pup. Reprimanding her when she growls or snaps at the pup will not teach him to respect her, it will just alienate her further. She is an adult who will enforce her own terms of acceptable behaviour on the pup so he will stop harrassing her. As long as she isn't doing any severe damage let her show him what she will tolerate.

May 13th, 2008, 01:38 PM
The older dog is adjusting and so long as she doesn't try to hurt the pup you should be fine. In time they will find a relationship that works for them and all should be well.

The older dog is setting justifiable boundaries on the pup and it is VERY good for the pup to learn that everyone has boundaries. He has to learn to behave according to others wishes, not just leap and bound in everyone face.

The correction to the older dog would be appropriate if she is too zealous in her boundary setting or actually goes to hurt the pup. You are not creating a negative association with the puppy - you as the parent are teaching your (4 legged) kids how to get along. No one is required to like each other but they are requred to have safe manners.

The lead dog always moves in to correct the others when they are out of line. Its what a good leader does.

May 14th, 2008, 08:46 AM
hi! thanks for the replies.

We have let the pup (Piccolo) run around with the pom (Fluffy) under supervision. Fluffy just keeps on running away and barking and Piccolo just kept on pouncing. But he seemed to be scared since his ears were flapping backwards.

Now what we're doing, is holding Piccolo on a leash and teaching him to not pounce at Fluffy and sit. I didn't stop Fluffy from barking at Piccolo when I restrain him. I want the pup to know who's boss.
Does that sound like the right thing to do?

I only tell Fluffy to stop growling when Piccolo is calm.
And Fluffy hasn't been violent at Piccolo. A good thing.

I don't want to encourage any of them to hate each other. I read that if I yell at the older dog for growling at the young one, the older dog will just be vicious to the young one when i'm not around. That's just worse. So I hope what I'm doing does not encourage that. Please tell me if what I did is not good.

I did see a little improvement, they are able to sit calmly next to each other when I hand feed each of them treats. :party: