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New devise on finding lost pets on market

May 12th, 2008, 07:27 AM
I thought I would post this here, since it pretains to lost pets.

It is called the Loc8tor. It is a homing system that can help you find your cats id they get out. Put the tags on your pets and a handheld devise can locate what you are looking for. Sorry this is is from my Cat Fancy magazine.

Here is the link: also available at

Here are some testimonies

Video testimonial :

"Testing the New Loc8tor Plus device to find my cat.

Time with Loc8tor = 3.5 min, Time without Loc8tor = About 5 hours.

Loc8tor comment : Worth watching to the end."
Brad Herman, USA


"I came across this device when reading an item in Autocar magazine earlier this year. Whilst I frequently lose my car keys my thoughts didn't immediately turn to placing a tag on the keys but onto my Burmese and Tonkinese cats collars. In the summer of 2005 our mischievous 2 year old Burmese decided to get stuck up the top of our village windmill. After numerous searches she was finally discovered by some local children some 10 days later. It was a very stressful period for all the family and it was a real worry not knowing where she was. She certainly used up 1 of her 9 lives during this escapade. Since this episode I have been waiting for an affordable product that will help us track the position and approximate range when they are inside or outside our house. I would recommend the product for the following reasons:

1. The loc8tor allows you to select which cat you want to locate.

2. If you need to place you cats in specific room before setting the alarms on your house you can quickly locate the 'sleeping cat' and prevent the usual frantic family search for the cat before leaving the house.

3. When the cats decide to have a night on the tiles and doesn't come in at bedtime you can check that they have arrived safely home from the comfort of your bed without having to check for them downstairs.

4. If they do get stuck in a neighbours garage, house, car or windmill you will be able to locate your cat and thus avoid the stress of not knowing where your valued pet is.

One final use we found for the loc8tor tag. Attach it to a wine glass during parties and never lose your glass again!!"
Adrian Oxfordshire

There are more on website Loc8tor site.

Hope this helps people in finding there beloved lost pets.