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ive missed you all.

May 7th, 2008, 11:20 PM
well, im back, i hope, lol
things have been crazy around here with bearla, the other animals, we also now have bearlas baby half sister which we bought for our baby grand daughter to grow up with. and oh yeah, im a grandma. so you can see why ive been busy.

i am no longer in the paralegal business. i couldnt take any more of the lawyers, judges, the imporoper practives, the amount of animals i seen being abused and the owners appearing in court, etc. im running my own business, recycling/waste and organics recycling. i am also working toward my certification as a dog listener/behavorist.

Our dogs are going to the vet tomorrow for their heartworm checks, and flea and insect prevention meds. The pitbull is pretty old and is pretty arthritic. they are going to the vet just in time. we had a rib feast here the otherday, and unbeknown to me, someone had thrown a whole bunch of bones in a bag near our front door, why i dont know, but some people, just dont think i guess. anyway, while i was at the office today, the dogs got into them. (brutus and bearla), they ate all of them apparently, and from what the pit was throwing up, he even ate the bag and the paper towel. i dont know how many were there but i do know how much was coming up. both dogs left little piles of bile and bones, and from the look of it, walnuts, all over the house. i have brand new wool rugs (oh yeah, i moved as well). and they had landmines of vomit every two feet through out the house. when i mentioned it too one of the kids, :wall::wall::frustrated:they said, 'um, mom, when we were there for the bbq, i fed the dogs alot of bones, i didnt think it would do anything wrong, then the other one, chipped in saying the same. a friend of their s said, 'um mom, i think i left a bag full of bones near the front door, dont worry about it.

at any rate, im not feeding either dog until after i see the vets tomorrow. I spoke to a dr at a emergency clinic near us and they told me not to worry to much. they asked if they were active and i said yes, but taht if they got to excited and running around the voimiting would start again. i was told to keep them quiet until i go in tomorrow for their regular appointment, not to feed them tonight so their bellies can rest and just keep water handy for them. so its going to be a long night. im glad im back and that im going to have more time to come on and see you all. i really missed you. i will be stopping in at the fish section too once in awhile, now that i have new tanks set up. i hope you are all doing well.
yalk to you soon.

May 8th, 2008, 08:16 AM
Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your dogs, I hope they are going to be OK. I take it the bones were cooked, poor dogs. Some people that don't have pets don't think of the consequences of their actions.

Jim Hall
May 8th, 2008, 08:55 AM
well RIP your new carpet good luck with the vet

May 8th, 2008, 05:59 PM
they made out well at the vet,
the vet said the bones will digest, she xrayed their bellies, and they are fine, there is still a bit of the bones passing through but they are going through fine. they had their shots, and had thier heartworm tests. it will be a few days before the tests come back, (heartworm), and they can start their meds to prevent heartworm and bug bites.

both are still upset to their bellies if they start eating solids. :sick:
the vet said not to push solids too much until they start feeling better. she done a full blood panel to check their blood, especially because i told her the neighbors behind us, are really angry that we moved in with dogs and i wont allow them to use MY backyard to hold thier parties. i dont know these people, and when i told them to use their own yard, they told me they cant, because they plant a garden (vegtable) every years that takes up the yard. i told them, that is not my concern, they have a yard. i read the response about non dog owners being irressponsible, and i agree, i asked them how they would feel if i went to visit them and left dangerous things where their kids can get them. they pointed out that dogs eat bones and they dont see what the problem is in the first place. trying to explain to some people, is like talking to a wall.

i ahve to watch them tonight for reactions to the shots, but hopefully all will go well. bearla did not have the rabies shot this year as she had the rabies shot last year (3 yr), she had the viral ones this time around.

i hope you are all having a good day.