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May 7th, 2008, 10:20 AM
Hi there! We have a small zoo here.. two bearded dragons, and 3 dogs..
All our dogs are "pre-owned" ...our Boston terrier came from a shelter in Georgia, no small feat as we live in Alberta! Its just been a year since got her! She had some health issues when we got her, but have been away from the vet for a while.
Our lab has been with us 6 years. She was left behind in a shed when someone moved away from their acreage, a neighbor fed her here and there, and then we got her. She has osteo-arthritis in her spine, and was on meds for years because she used to pee in her sleep. She has been off said meds and hasnt peed now for about 4 months. We are hoping that stays that way. She is about 9-ish.
Our Boxer, who we've had for 3yrs, was a show dog, whose owner lost interest in showing. He was kenneled 12 hrs/day, not socialised and finally taken back by the breeder. We took him as a foster and then kept him. He has been the most work of any animal I have owned, being dog aggressive, anxious, allergic, and he will try to be people dominant if he can get away with it. We have done proffessional training with a police dog trainer (who refered to him as "the big engine"), and the humane society, and he can now go to select dog daycares. We used holistic remedies and tried many dog foods. Most of the issues I will post will be his. :) He has severe allergic reactions to "rollover" (found that out during class time when the trainer gave him a reward) and other reactions to things unknown. He has a deep tissue injury in his hip, that doesnt want to heal, and arthritis in his spine, caused by a compresed disc 2yrs ago from slipping on ice. He gets much more dominant/obnoxious when he is sore, behaviorally he is hard to manage when is in pain. He is unable to burn off his excess energy as he is sore and the hip gets worse from more than a 15 minute walk. This does cause more negative energy from him. He has regressed lately, and is attepting to make walks difficult for me..he is frustrated.. I can tell his mental state is escalating, he is trying to take over again. Need help with that. Not sure if its the Elk velvet?
He is on Meticam (sp?) daily. We think his food/supliments arent agreeing with him (again) as he now has a red reash on his groin. He has also recently been treated for an infection in the sheath around his penis ( I cant remember the correct term for that)
The dogs are all on Wellness Core grain free food, and get mackrel oil on their food (to help lube the joints), crushed eggshell, and the seniors are on elk velvet antler daily.
They also see the chiropractor when they get too stiff or re-injure themselves. That really helps. My Boxer actually LOVES it there.

Im excited to hear new suggestions.