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Montreal Dog-Friendly Appartments?

May 2nd, 2008, 03:06 PM

For those who have met my Bulli, Scarlet - turned 6 today!!!, pls consider helping with our apt. search. I am tired of hearing that I ''...will have to wait until the exterminator,s next vist.''. It has been 2 yrs (car accident=unable to move until now. Tenants with more seniority/backbone get faster in-house service vis-à-vis roach help. We miss fruit :frustrated:.

Feel free to visit her pgs. at and and post/msg :). The more positive recomendations, the better to convince potential landlords of her sweet nature. She has been mistaken for everything from a giant Pug to a Pittbull. Go figure.

Pug Day is the only time that she is around even slightly interested other dogs. She was raised (1st 2 yrs.) with Pugs. Given her medical problems (detailed on her pgs.) & her breeders response, I do NOT recommend Mr. Magoo in Bécancour/Trois-Riviéres (Jean & Michelle Brunelle). They had an excellent show reputation/past puppies recommendations but apparently closed shop after selling Scarlet & others 4 yrs. ago.
Luckily she was barren so they let her go.

We are looking for somewhere closer to dwntwn than N.D.G. so that she (& I) can be around more people/activity. The Girouard parc dog run is populated mainly by hyper, long-distance running dogs & Scarlet is ignored. She has also been attacked (by non-regular dogs) a few times :wall:. Surprisingly, there is little foot-traffic in our area near Vendome & she waits by parking cars & people for affection :sad:. Hopefully I find a roomate with a compatible dog or a place that allows a doggie pal.

P.S. She is the Bulldog who sleeps thru Pug Day upside-down.


Andrea & Scarlet

June 18th, 2008, 01:19 PM
Pls help!

My Bulli Scarlet & I are STILL looking for an appartment in Montreal. 2 1/2 weeks to Moving Day! My roomate bailed (she found a place to keep her 2 dogs) & we are desperate!!! We hope to move to the Atwater/Concordia area. Scarlet desperately needs doggie freinds (recent shake-up at our local dog run with both sides of the dog run association squaring off with supporting members :frustrated:) & is attacked/ignored at the N.D.G. dog run. We have survived EVERYTHING in 6 yrs. of N.D.G. slums (the Rental Board takes up to 2+ yrs to investigate tenants' claims BUT 1 month or less to rule on evictions. Filing at the Regis only costs me my rental reference :wall:)

Pls Help :pray:

June 18th, 2008, 01:50 PM
Nuns Island allows dogs in their apartments, its very doggy friendly and there's a direct bus that takes you downtown.

June 18th, 2008, 01:56 PM
Check out apt. in St. Henri. In my experience a lot of landlords in the area are dog friendly and you'll be a 5-10 minute walk from downtown.