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Boxer Puppy has trembling leg. Growth Plate trauma?

April 30th, 2008, 06:00 PM
Hi all,

I just brought home my baby Boxer Olive (12 weeks old). I began noticing that as she sat, her front right leg trembles. I took her to the vet. He X-Rayed her and said she shows signed of growth plate trauma by her wrist (Shown below). His recommendation was I give the dog back, as typically, according to him, his leads to a lifetime of problems for the dog. Problem is, I am already attached and dont wanna give her back. Anyone have some insight into this issue? Could she heal? Could this be something else? If any other info is desired, jus ask. Any help is very very much appreciated. Thanks all.


April 30th, 2008, 07:46 PM
Your photo didn't seem to work.. What I would do is contact the Breeder you got her from and discuss it with them. I'm assuming she came from a Breeder which is why he said to bring her back? Perhaps the Breeder is willing to refund you a significant portion of the fees. That way, you have a reserve if she needs special care at some point and you keep her. It may amount to nothing later. I had a husky come in with her leg severely damaged and now she's sledding and having a blast. You would never know anything happened to her. It took some casting work, three times changed to protect and correct the growth but she's perfect now. Just some thoughts

Dr Lee
May 1st, 2008, 09:45 AM
Dunno if the photo got fixed or not, but it looks great now.

Do you have an orthopedic specialist in your area for a second opinion? Salter-Harris fractures can be tricky and the radius is an essential bone for an active boxer. Luckily with this guy's age, his metabolism can help heal faster than if he was older. Is he bandaged at this time? Strict exercise confinement?

Also, if you do not have an orthopedic surgeon in your area, your veterinarian can send the radiographs out to a radiology specialist for consult. These usually cost around $100.

Hope that helps!:pawprint: