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Hi from Ontario

April 30th, 2008, 05:08 PM
I'm really not sure what I am expecting from this site but it can't hurt any more then I do right now, all it can do is make it a little easier.

I have or had 3 cats. Zoya is going to be 11, Oni is going to be 7 and my youngest cat passed away yesterday morning and I am devestated. She was going to be 3 years old in two weeks. Her name was Sommer. She was a permanent kitten. She was a rescue cat and must have been the runt of the litter because she was still the size she was at 6 months. Her death was very sudden and unexpected. This time last week she was healthy running around tormenting her "brothers". The vet cannot figure out why she caught Feline Hepatic Lipidosis -- Fatty Liver Disease which is what she died of. FLD usually happens in older overweight cats (that would be Zoya) Sommer was only 6lbs and still very young. He thinks that she probably had something wrong with her pancreas but without an autopsy he's not sure. My husband and I wanted to bury her here at her home so we didn't have an autopsy -- she is gone and that wouldn't change anything.

Like I mentioned before her death was sudden. Saturday morning she started to show signs of not feeling well and didn't eat anything. Sunday still not eating but looked better and seemed to have more energy. Monday morning I took her to the vets "just in case". The diagnoses was grim but the Dr thought she could be saved for the meer price of $927+tax. With a newborn at home my husband and weren't sure we wanted to spend that much money but figured with her age it would be worth it since she would/should out live the other 2 cats. We figured out a way that it financially could be done. We would sacrifce our weekly dinner out for several months and have no extras (movies etc) for awhile. 7:00pm Monday night the vet phoned and told me it didn't look good. Pretty much after I left the vets she went right down hill. She callapsed and her blood pressure went right down. They had a hard time even getting blood for a sample but he thought they got the IV and meds into her soon enough. We would have to tube feed her for about a month but she would recover IF she could make it through the night. I think I knew then that she was going to die. I believe Sommer, Zoya and Oni all knew it was the end for her. Before I took her to the vets, she laid down, Zoya and Oni circled her, each licked the top of her head and then they all huddled together for awhlie -- almost like they were hugging. Not that they weren't affectionate with each other but that was really different. I wish I had known for sure that she was leaving because I would have brought her home to die with love and her family and comfort of her own home. Tuesday morning the vet phoned and told me she didn't make it. She passed away peacfully in her sleep around 7:00am -- alone! That really hurts but probably what she wanted. I have heard that outdoor animals normally walk away to died alone.

It hurts so much. I miss her. As much of a little sh** she could be she was still a good and affectionate cat. She would sleep on top of me every night and suck her "suckie" (a knitted square that comforted her when she sucked on it) I'm crying all the time which isn't good for my daughter. She is normally a very happy baby but she feels that I'm upset and it effects her. I need to "suck it up" and move on fast for her sake and the sake of the other 2 cats. Maybe that is what I want this site to help with. Even though the vet told me I did everything I could have (and so did they) for her, that there was no way of knowing she was sick any earlier (cats apparently hide their illnesses very well) and that it was probably because she was so small that it happened so quickly. It just doesn't make it easier ... I feel so quilty. I'm a mom ... I should notice differences in my children which is what my cats are to me.

Well with all this ranting through my tears I feel a little better not much though. I know that I'm not the only one that has lost a pet hence this web site. I just feel alone. And I know that it was meant to be but ... As stupid as it sounds this hurts more then when my grandparents died. Probably because that was expected and they lived for 90+ years. This wasn't expected and she had a short life. But in the end even if I had known she was going to die young when I took her into my home and heart, I still would have. I wouldn't have changed a thing except the past week.

April 30th, 2008, 05:18 PM
I'm so sorry about Sommer, hun :grouphug: It's never easy, but it seems so much harder when they're so young.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. We're here if you need to talk :grouphug:

:candle: Sommer

April 30th, 2008, 05:54 PM
My heart goes out to you. Never easy to loose one of our loves. Hope you get to feel this is a nice second home for you.

April 30th, 2008, 07:44 PM
:grouphug: I'm so sorry for your loss. Everyone on this board understands the pain you're feeling. It's the thing we've all experienced and all dread. The love and joy our fur-babies give to us makes it all worth it and we gladly jump in again and again. I would love to see photos of Sommer, soya, and Oni.

May 1st, 2008, 08:37 AM
Our thoughts go out to you....:grouphug:

Your in our prayers....:pray:

Sorry about the loss....:angel2: