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Tips for Vet office assistant's resume?!

April 30th, 2008, 07:59 AM
Okay, so working at the local coffee joint just isn't cutting it -- LOL! I am planning on applying to the local vets offices, as a summer student-helper person ...

I've had animals my entire life (I'm 19 by the way) from cats, dogs, horses, rats, gerbils ... Have dealt with dogs from teacup toy chiuahas to Newfoundlands! Have dealt with cats all the way from yappy Siamese kittens, to old grouchy DSH's. And all the animals that we fostered for the local OSPCA -- 5 (or 6??) large litters of kittens which we would litter train and socialize, to the young greyhound that had no cleft palate and needed a special diet mixed of four times per day and than help eating the food ...

Have dealt with nervous and aggressive, young and old dogs (and cats!) and have dealt with sick animals, helping them feel loved and relaxed at hard times.

I was always the one that would run after the lose stray dogs around our neighbourhood, than walk from door-to-door for hours to find the owners.

I now pretty much run my parents farm, caring for our horses including a recently rescued 2-year-old colt that had his nose broken by an abusive owner that I am retraining. And my showhorse who came to us approximately 500lbs underweight last year, who is working towards a national champ this year with me! I keep tabs on our two barn cats (who are so-so-so-SO healthy!!) and our elderly Siamese house cats. And my Golden Retriever and I are working towards her companion dog award (through CKC) this year!

So, how do I put all that into an attractive resume??? I am applying at small animal clinics, only because the large animal clinics are a bit too far for me to drive to every AM. What points should I "highlight" ??

What is an eloquent way of saying I have oodles of years of cleaning up dog and cat sh!t?! LOL ;) I have puppy experience, as well as several years of obedience training under my belt -- I know how to deal with a dog that tries to slip collars, as well as one that tries to bolt and drag his handler ;)

What is an "attractive/proper" position title for a summer student helping in a vet office?!

I am going to send out cover letters and resumes to all of the vet offices in town, but am going to approach my personal vet in person, since he's known me since I was at LEAST 3-years-old and would walk my Grandma's big Newfie into the office for her yearly shots -- lol! And he highly supports my plans to become a vet tech in the large animal field sooo .... ?!

Pleeeeeeeeease help me! :) :)

April 30th, 2008, 02:54 PM
It sounds like you're pretty much there already! :thumbs up

Do you have any office training? If so, add that, and then you can have a section of "related experience", explaining pretty much what you've said here - your experience with animals. Definitely include the fact that you are looking to enrole in vet tech school in the future.

Your position title could simply be "Looking for summer employment as an office assistant" and explain that you are looking to use the experience for something useful. Potential employers love people that are actually interested in the position and not just someone who is looking to make a few bucks for the summer without actually caring about the job they are doing.

Good luck!

April 30th, 2008, 03:11 PM
Do you have any office training? If so, add that

Ohh yeah!! *Smacks forehead* I guess adding that would be good ... lol!

I've done several business related courses, accounting (bookkeeping) courses, volunteer at the local hospital to do extra filiing ... and am very organized! I have experience 'working' telephones and handling cash/credit transactions ...

(Sorry, I'm just typing this all out here so that I can just print this page off as "crib notes" for when I do my cover letter/resume!)

Thanks phoozles!!!

April 30th, 2008, 03:18 PM
No problem!

Make sure you throw in knowing stuff about MS Office - if you feel you have it covered, say you have strong knowledge in it.. If there's something you've used, but you couldn't write a manual on it, use the term 'working knowledge' .. that way they can't slag you for it later ;)

Definitely stress your office stuff first, and then add the pet stuff later - it'll just be an added bonus to your already very decent credentials :thumbs up