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Deaf cat that screams

April 29th, 2008, 10:25 PM
Hi Everyone! We have a 12 year old (approximately) siamese mix cat that has apparently gone suddenly deaf. She had alot of black stuff in her ears and we thought it was likely ear mites so got the appropriate medication to clear them up. She is a feral cat so taking her to the vet is very difficult. We took her anyway last week and the vet looked at her ears and said that she was not deaf (we knew that) but that she had a mild ear infection. He cleaned her ears out with Oticleanse and sent her home. Since then (1 week ago), she has been screaming so loud you wouldn't believe it. She is not screaming in pain or discomfort, but it's almost like she is trying to hear herself. It's more like a loud, hoarse howling and if anyone here has ever heard a Siamese make noise, they will know what I am talking about! LOL! We now know that she is deaf and has gone deaf in the last few days as her hearing was fine a week ago - we have tested her hearing ourselves and know that she cannot hear. Seems impossible that this could happen in such a short time, but it has. She has gone off her food somewhat since the vet visit too. She was not given any medication of any kind, only an examination and the ear cleaning and the vet did not use anything physical to clean out the ear, only the liquid Oticleanse. She has an odd personality - very timid (being feral) yet affectionate to those she knows - and she LOVES dogs! She also has a strange habit of making patterns on the rug with cat toys in the middle of the night - perfect triangles made with 3 identical toys which must all be facing the same direction etc.. very weird. She also makes other shapes too, as long as she has enough identical toys to do it with. I'm hoping someone can recommend a homeopathic remedy to try on her deafness as I feel she is VERY upset by it happening so suddenly. Hope someone can help!

April 29th, 2008, 11:03 PM
Are you sure the infection just hasn't gotten worse and is interfering with her hearing? I think my first inclination would be to take her back to the vet to confirm that deafness is really the problem. :grouphug: I know it's difficult with a semi-feral cat...but until you know exactly what's wrong and what caused it, it will be very hard to find a remedy for it. :o

April 29th, 2008, 11:26 PM
I agree, you need to take her back to the vet for a followup exam to make sure there is no infection left or it hasn't gotten worse. If there was an open sore in the ear caused by the initial infection the cleanser might have aggravated it and made it worse.

:goodvibes: for the follow up exam and welcome to :)