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Orijen Problem

April 29th, 2008, 05:22 PM
I found this posted on another site as of today's date.....

The following post was posted on one of my golden retriever forums this morning. Ash is a long time member with tons of posts. Ash wanted us to cross post this on all forums--if one dog is saved, it is worth the effort. I don't know if anyone here feds this brand of food or not but I wanted to post the warning--and you can cross post to other forums if you wish.

Hi Guys,

To all you Orijen feeders. Today a customer came in the shop to bring back a bag of Orijen this formula was the Senior. She has claimed there were large shards of bone chips in the food. So I said well bring the bag in so I could have a look, thinking like really lady? Sure enough there were litterally hundreds of loose bone shards and slivers they are very very sharp. They almost look like maggots. So I went and opened almost every bag of Orijen we have in the shop right now sure enough in the Puppy, LB Puppy, Adult and Senior there were many bone shards and slivers stuck in the kibble and loose in the bag. Some bags from diffrent lot numbers as well. Ironically, there were none in OUR batches of 6 fish but that does not mean they are not there. So if you are feeding Orijen please carefully inspect the pieces of kibble looking for whitish bones pieces. Agian, they are very sharp. I will try to attatch a photo later. We are in Alberta and the plant is about half hour from my place. I have been trying to speak with them all day - they will not return any messages. I am very disappointed to say the least we have completely removed it from a our shelves. I will try and get a few photos later on.

~ Ash

As of this afternoon Ash has not had a response from either Orijen nor Champion, the company that makes the food for Origen.

April 29th, 2008, 05:29 PM
I know Sammgo21 posted about this but it supposedly was only about ONE lot number and expiry date....

It appears to be in all formulas according to this new information.